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Figure with a guarantee

Why is it worth to start losing weight?
This question is often asked by those who are not satisfied with theirFigure, but does not consider it necessary to start any steps to change. You can love yourself as you are, you can learn not to want many things that are allowed to slender people, you can even ignore the competition and endless losses in the struggle for love. But those who could change their body, could see the significant improvements that occurred after the changes.
Here are a few reasons why you should get rid of extra pounds:
-The extra weight worsens memory;
- Has a cardiovascular system;
-The metabolism is disturbed;
-The load on the bones and spine increases, which leads to inevitable problems;
- Self-esteem goes down;
- There is a feeling of guilt and shame for yourself;
-The inferiority complex is being developed;
- There are reasons to think about discrimination of full people - almost all beautiful clothes are designed only for those who are of average size;
-The sexual activity is going down.

And, as a consequence, the quality of life deteriorates. Of course, among fat people there are not a few healthy and happy people, you can focus on them. But in fact, full people are forced to deal with a much greater number of problems than those who are not inclined or have won their fullness.

Where to begin?
Before you start to lose weight, you need to changeinternally. If you are convinced that there is a way to lose weight, lying on the couch and without much effort and sacrifice, you are deeply mistaken. There is no secret, except that the result will only be if you put a lot of effort.
Start by setting a goal. How many kilograms would you like to discard? Know, the larger the number, the more time you will have to spend in order to approach it. There are no miracle cures and diets that can take 5, 10, 15 kilograms from your body in a matter of days. All recipes that promise this are destructive for the body and short-lived.

Reconsider your daily routine. If you are used to sleeping for 10-12 hours and spending most of the day sitting on a couch or in a chair, then you will have to change your lifestyle to a more active one. If you go to bed at different times and sleep too little, you will have to put things in order in the distribution of time. The same goes for nutrition - it should be full and regular. You will have to exclude from the diet all the surplus, limit the consumption of sweet, fatty, flour and spicy, reduce the consumption of alcohol and introduce into the diet vegetables, fruits, cereals, not fatty meat and fish.
It is worth knowing that when the body exitsStress, will receive food, sleep and movement in a balanced manner, it can react to this by accumulating a couple more kilograms. It is compensation for the way of life that you led before. But this is by no means a verdict or a sign to the fact that you will not be able to lose weight. This is normal.
Be prepared for physical exertion. For them, too, take time - at least two hours a day walking in the fresh air and at least an hour a day of strength training and aerobic loads. You can walk, practice on a treadmill or other simulator and do a long physical exercise. You need to start small, gradually increasing the load, but the training must necessarily be regular.
For a quicker visible result, divide the workouts into two parts. The first, the morning, make it more complex, the evening is easier.

Do not start the exercise right after eating orShortly before sleep. And, most importantly, listen to your body. He himself will tell you about the time, in which he best tolerates the load and about how much he needs compensation in the form of sleep, food and rest. It is important only not to confuse real needs with laziness and bliss.

How to fix?
It is known that you can lose weight on enoughA large number of kilograms. You can even stop in time and be proud of yourself. But without the right attitude to your new body, you will not keep the weight you need for long.
First, do not stop physicalLoad. They do not need to be enlarged, they should be only supportive, but must be. Leave, for example, charging, walking, yoga. Strength training can be resumed as soon as you see the need for it.
Secondly, follow the diet. Do not deprive yourself of sweets and delicious pies, you just need to understand that the excess will lead to extra centimeters, which will have to be disposed of immediately.
Thirdly, do not be stingy in your emotions. It is known that emotional people are not so inclined to fullness. Therefore, do not turn your life into a swamp, diversify it, do not be afraid of emotions. But try at the same time to maintain the health of the nervous system - do not go to extremes.

Perhaps the most important advice for those who dreamLose weight and stay slim for a long time - it's feel like a person with a new body and with a new life. Try to change the attitude to yourself, to your body, to your way of life, then spiritual changes will not slow you down into external ones.
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