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Stages of fetal development during pregnancy

The future mother should not worry aboutThis is because this period is temporary and in the future it will be able to cope with these problems. All these signs indicate that in the body of a pregnant woman everything is being reconstructed and is preparing for the development of a new little man.

In the first stage of pregnancy, the fetus beginsLimbs are formed, signs of palpitation appear and the most primitive reflex signs appear. During this period of the future mother it is necessary to observe a proper healthy diet and engage in special gymnastics for pregnant women - all this contributes to the birth of a healthy and strong child. In order to begin to follow the diet and exercise gymnastics for pregnant women you need, first of all, to consult a qualified specialist who will pick up for you an individual course. Also during this period, a pregnant woman is recommended to drink folic acid and vitamin C.

In the second stage of pregnancy in a pregnant womanThe stomach is actively starting to grow and it will now be difficult to hide from the surrounding people about their situation. Also during this period of pregnancy, expectant mothers have a sleep disorder, and so-called false contractions appear. At the second stage of pregnancy in the womb of the child, the baby begins to develop a scalp that controls the temperature of the body when the baby is born. In this phase the senses begin to develop in the child: the baby begins to hear different sounds of the external world, and also can determine light and darkness. By the end of the second stage of pregnancy, the expectant mother increasingly begins to feel the baby's tremors.

The third stage of pregnancy specialists alsoCalled "children's stage." During this period, the woman begins to undergo great changes in the body. A pregnant woman finally takes on the form of a balloon and the child's birth time is approaching ever closer. Therefore, a future mother can begin preparing for childbirth and further care for the baby. At the third stage the child's body is practically formed, except for the lungs, which reach their full development only by the end of the third stage of pregnancy.

For the normal course of the pregnancy processAnd delivery, the expectant mother should be aware of every stage of pregnancy and what is happening at this time in the womb of the mother. Therefore, the more a pregnant woman knows about the passage of the pregnancy process, its stages, the easier and calmer the delivery will be.

Qualified specialists advise future mothers:

- 9 months is the conditional date of leakagePregnancy, so prospective mothers should not think too much about these numbers, because birth can begin and a little earlier and a little later. And on this occasion do not have to worry, because stress affects the child negatively, and better direct your energy to adhere to proper nutrition and exercise gymnastics.

- Watch your health and the health of your future baby. To do this, try to get more information about the stages of fetal development during pregnancy in a woman.

Remember that pregnancy is the best period in the life of every woman!

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