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Amazing Yoga

Exercises that are practiced in yoga areAsanas. Each asana is divided into three stages: entry into the pose, fixation and exit from it. It does not matter what level of preparation you have when you start doing yoga. This practice implies exercises for beginners and for those who are able to endure long physical exertion. At first you will be offered simple stretching exercises and concentration of attention. Gradually you will learn to clear thoughts from unnecessary, to breathe correctly, in whatever position you are, to be flexible and calm. It is the desire for peace and attractive in yoga, so it is popular among future or young mothers. It is unlikely that there will be a practice that is more suitable for their delicate position, capable of helping, and not harming.

Gradually, you will master all the subtleties of respiratoryGymnastics, which is called pranayama. Special exercises will help significantly improve health and get rid of certain problems of the cardiovascular system, from problems in the work of other internal organs, from stress and insomnia. Proper breathing stabilizes blood pressure, which is important for older people. This is another plus of yoga - it is accessible and useful to everyone. Yoga can be done from birth to old age.

Yoga has several branches. For example, yoga ayengar. This is one of the most popular types of yoga in the world. Its feature is that it is designed specifically for Europeans, taking into account all the eastern doctrines. Here a lot of attention is paid to the body - the correct position, the classic poses and their fixation. In order to make it easier for you to achieve harmony, many assistive devices are used to make it easier. It was this kind of yoga that focused on the healing of both body and spirit.

There is also the famous Kundalini yoga, whichPracticed throughout the world. Here the main focus is on energy, which is concentrated in the coccyx region of each of us. Exercises are aimed at awakening this energy. It is believed that with proper execution of all the rules, with the mastering of all asanas, many have supernatural abilities. This was the reason for the general kundalini enthusiasm for yoga.

Another popular form of yoga - Ashtanga-VinyasaYOGA. This is one of the most powerful and effective practices. The secret of this kind of yoga in its dynamism, here each pose is fixed only for a few seconds and smoothly passes into the other. This practice implies six stages of exercises, which rejuvenate and revitalize the body. But not all gurus can comprehend all six series. True, the pursuit of perfection is the distinguishing sign of yoga as a teaching. Therefore, you will always have where to move. It is believed that in order to begin this type of yoga, it is better to take a course for beginners and prepare the body and mind for serious tests.

The main task of yoga is the use of hidden reserves of the body. This is a purely individual concept, since the possibilities of each of us are unique.
For comfortable yoga classes you will needLittle: an experienced coach, a desire to change and comfortable clothes made from natural fabrics. In a few months of regular classes you will feel a change in your health. Many talented students become no less talented coaches in the future, therefore yoga is a never-ending path to self-improvement for those who wish to move forward.
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