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Choose a horse club.
It is very important to start classes with professionalTrainers on well-trained horses, especially if before that you never sat in the saddle or the attempts were unsuccessful. The larger the club, the more successful it is, the more likely it is that you will fall into reliable hands. This does not mean that small private clubs are not worthy of your attention, just collecting information and feedback about small institutions can be very difficult. Do not rush to get recorded in the first one. It's good, if you allocate a whole day and go through different organizations offering similar services. Fine, if you do not forget to take a few apples, pieces of sugar, to treat cute animals.
Pay attention, in what conditions are containedAnimals, how they are treated, do not they look tired, sick and too thin. If something seems suspicious to you, look for another place for recovery. Riding on weak animals is not much fun.

Talk to the trainer, find out what they offerFor clients of your level of training, how long the occupation lasts, how much it costs, how the horse is selected, how to ensure safety. If you can not make a choice between several clubs, sign up for a trial lesson, so you'll quickly understand where you like more.

Start to study.

You should know that after the first session, your muscles will give a signal of great fatigue. Therefore, take only hour lessons for the first time, until you get used to the stresses.
One of the most important points is getting to knowHorse. Do not make sharp movements, only come up from the shoulder, preferably with refreshments. Speak in a calm, quiet voice, name the animal by name and give it a sniff. The more successful your first acquaintance, the easier it will be and further studies.
You should know that the characters of horses and horsesAre different. Horses are more playful, jealous and can be aggressive, especially if he does not like something. Castrated horses are gelding, much calmer, but they are far from being toys. Horses can be jealous of you to other animals, can show character for a while. Patience and sincere love for these wonderful animals will help you overcome any difficulties.

Attentively listen to the coach and watch himActions. In the future, you will have to put on all the ammunition, communicate with the animal. Do not try to act without the advice of a specialist, if you are not sure what you are doing. Do not shout at the animal and do not hit it, even if you do not like something. Do not try to go straight to the gallop, if you barely get in the saddle, learn to hold on first when the horse is walking at a slow pace or trotting.

Regular classes will give you a feelingSelf-confidence. You will learn to stick well in the saddle, perhaps doing some tricks. In addition to a pleasant pastime, classes at the equestrian club will help you to correct the posture and get a charge of vivacity. Therefore, you will leave behind depression and back pain. And, maybe, you will achieve great successes and you will become a coach or even a mistress of such a club.
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