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How to stop overeating

The results of such excess useFood and alcohol can be especially harmful. Studies of recent years have shown that even those who gain quite a bit of weight during the holidays usually keep this surplus, adding on average almost half a kilogram per year. If you think carefully about this, it will seem that it is easier to give up altogether from all the feasts. But this is not so. There is another alternative.

You can turn an ordinary holiday into aAlternative: more sincere, useful and unusual. Using our article, you can get rid of stress, tension in family relationships, will not overeat and change them for peace, peace of mind and healthy food.

Feast for a feast can even followersA healthy diet to force to consume kilograms of sweet, fatty and high-calorie. If you make yourself indulgent in the form of a cake from time to time, it will not affect your figure, and even bring joy. But if you work hard with cakes every day during the Christmas holidays, the result is lethargy, overeating, weight gain and indigestion. But how can you avoid a festive overeating, if it looks so normal?

Find the reason, ask yourself: Why do you overeat during the festive evenings? Is it hard for you to communicate with one of your relatives during the feast? Or are you worried that dinner is good enough? Perhaps, during usual time you keep a diet, but on holidays you allow yourself to relax?
Spend a follow-up examination with another piece of cakeOr another glass of champagne as you pause, think - are you really hungry or just tired, want to sleep or be alone. Analyze your feelings and emotions.

Observe the world around as signalsProvoke your craving for food - for example, the awkwardness of being in a crowded room where you do not know anyone, or the smell of patties that you used to bake with your grandmother - and try to be as little as possible in places where you can face them. Then you can better cope with them.

Avoid temptations for a long time, where youAre tempted to overeat. At the buffet table, do not stand in front of a bar or a buffet - put a few tidbits on the plate, then back to the other end of the room. Communicate more.

Sometimes it is difficult or inconvenient not to tryTidbits from the festive table. And not only because of a great desire, but also because of the fear that, by refusing delicacies, you will spoil the festive mood or attract unnecessary attention to yourself.

If the hostess insistently offers us someDish, politely say that you will try it a little later. If on the table there is nothing to eat from healthy dishes, refuse from treats, saying that you are full. No one will force you to eat more than you want.

Overeating is the only problem for womenAll times and peoples. If you refuse food in the evening, you will harm yourself. It is best to eat small portions, this will save you from excess weight and follow a diet.
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