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Fitness for leisurely

Initially, the Pilates system was created to treat various diseases of the spine, hernia, the consequences of injuries. Then Pilates spread all over the world beyond the rehabilitation centers.
Roughly speaking, Pilates is a combination of different sports styles. Beginners are taught to concentrate and control their body, breathing, movement.
The founder of this system, Josie Pilates,That the center of vital energy of the person is just in a lumbar department where various muscles are intertwined. In fact, this statement is close to what yoga teaches and those who practiced it, easily understand the essence of Pilates.
It is very unusual in this system that the majorityExercises are conducted in a horizontal position. Masters try to use those small muscles that are responsible for shaping the silhouette and are usually not involved in ordinary life and other training. The pace of exercise is not high, which makes it possible for even beginners to hone their movements quickly, and this is necessary to achieve a result.
Respiration in Pilates plays a special role. Followers of this system learn to completely saturate the body with oxygen, saturate all internal organs.
Pilates is diverse. There are classes with balls, in the water, power. But with all this diversity the danger of injury is virtually eliminated.
This system is an ideal option for those who do notLoves more active sports. With a relatively small amount of effort, you can get a good figure, strong muscles, healthy immunity, good coordination. But Pilates is indispensable for those who exercise. It can be used as a relaxation after strength exercises to strengthen and relax the spine.

The isotonic program is also a complexDifferent fitness programs, like Pilates. This system is also aimed at healing and is carried out at a slow pace. The main emphasis of isotonic is stretching. The combination of various types of stretching allows you to quickly bring even weak muscles and ligaments into tonus. The basis of this system in scientific development, so it makes sense to say that isotonicity really heals the body.
During training, the body is exposedA certain stress, which leads to the release of hormones, which provokes the burning of excess fat. At the same time, the program is very gentle and suitable even for those who suffer from cardiovascular diseases.
There is a separate isotonic program thatCalled isochels. This is an hour and a half sessions, which are aimed specifically at improving health. Izokhels influences the spine, directing the vertebrae and other internal organs. Other iso-system programs allow you to strengthen the press,
It is equally important during the classes to control their movements, to observe the sleep and eating regime, to control the intake of liquid, only this will give a full result.

Body - ballet.
Body-ballet is a system that allows manyPeople realize a long childhood dream and feel like ballerinas. This can be as an additional part of Pilates, and a separate cycle of classes. Classes are divided into active and passive, they alternate with each other. First, mobilization of all forces is required, and then training at the machine tool. With the help of body-ballet, many women, even with the most magnificent forms can get a good stretching, posture, healthy muscles and graceful gait.
This system is not aimed at losing weight, but on improving the body.

All these techniques are available to everyone, outsideDepending on the level of physical fitness. And most importantly, they all are suitable for people suffering from many diseases, which can be cured in a simple and pleasant way.
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