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Without which process of metabolism is impossible the beginning of plastic exchange

Fat metabolism is responsible for increased heat production in winter, regulates the composition and properties of cell membranes.
If there is a disturbance in water-salt metabolism,Deposits of salts in the joints, and as a result, arthritis develops. Violation of fat metabolism leads to obesity; Diabetes mellitus occurs due to malfunctions of carbohydrate metabolism; Diseases of the thyroid gland can be triggered by a "failure" of metabolic processes.

Carbohydrates provide the body with the necessaryLife energy. For example, our brain takes only glucose as a substrate for energy education. If the diet is low in carbohydrates - bread, pasta, rice and potatoes, the body ultimately demands sweet, and we frantically grab for chocolate and confectionery, overloading the pancreas. These "fast" carbohydrates instantly burn, allocating at once many calories which are stored in the form of fat reserves under a skin.

It is much more useful to eat regularly"Slow" carbohydrates (for example, porridges), which gradually enter the blood and provide a stable level of sugar in the blood, without undermining abrupt "jumps" in the pancreas. If you crave to eat chocolate, then you have brought the body to carbohydrate starvation. Have a good breakfast and have lunch!

In the cold season, when the body needsAdditional energy to maintain body temperature, fats perform the process of the main substrate for energy education. If in the summer as a source of energy there can be enough glucose, then in the winter it is more beneficial for an organism to oxidize fats: from one molecule of fat - 230. It is not for nothing that the appetite increases significantly in the autumn: the body must receive enough fat to not exhaust its strength.

Being afraid of getting better, we refuse any food,Containing fats: meat, dairy products. But the fact is that the proteins from which the tissues of our body are built consist of chains of amino acids, some of which are indispensable. Indispensable protein compounds include, in particular, L-carnitine, consisting of two amino acids - lysine and methionine. Being a product of protein metabolism, it regulates fat balance and energy metabolism. One of the reasons for excess weight and a sense of enduring fatigue is a deficiency of carnitine in the body. Thus, excluding from the diet animal food, we are moving straight to obesity.

Food that can be quickly eaten and cooked inCatering conditions are prepared from products intended for long-term storage, and therefore containing preservatives, substances that overload the liver and kidneys. In addition, widely used flavor enhancers - glutamate, vinegar, chili - make us with appetite eat even substandard products. Oxidation products of oil, repeatedly used for frying dishes (except olive and melted) destroy the mucous membrane of the stomach and intestines, which can lead to an ulcer. The whole confectionery batch is made on the basis of confectionery fat, and this is nothing more than a transmethylated hydrogenated product.
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