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Wellness massage

When the back hurts

The method is chosen depending on the diagnosis, done according to the doctor's prescription and when there is no severe pain. If there is a disease of the spine, the wrong massage will do much harm.

If you overcome stress

Victims of chronic fatigue will enjoy a massageNeck and collar area, back and feet. Massage techniques are smooth, soft, with a predominance of stroking, light kneading and rubbing. Relax foot massage (feet), Ayurvedic (with herbal oils and herbs), acupressure (shiatsu) and stone therapy (stone massage).

Forces are exhausted

Cheer general massage of the body or neck with deep strokes, vigorous rubbing, kneading will help. Well toned quilting, chopping, effleurage, massage with ice cubes.

From heaviness in the legs

You can do foot massage. Sit in Turkish and vigorously rub the foot. Slowly press the feet of the fingers with your fingers, then pull each finger and squeeze the foot. Repeat several times.

From a headache

Tilt your head forward and down. With circular motions, rub your forehead with fingers, starting from the scalp to the temples. Podyshchkami yakazatelno-g, cdednegogo and bhamygnnogo paltsev razgodite forehead one and one additional pyroe from the brow to the line of hair growth. Cut the back of the neck, neck and shoulder straps and finish by stroking with both hands.

And you can?

There are conditions in which massage is as dangerous as an incorrectly prescribed medicine. Remember them:

► high temperature,
► Diseases of the skin, nails, hair, including allergic rashes,
► Tumors,
► Blood diseases, a tendency to bleeding,
► intestinal disorders, acute abdominal pain,
► any acute inflammation,
► Severe hypertension or severe heart failure.

Pay attention to: