/ / Liposuction is less commonly used for significant obesity than for local sediments

Liposuction is less often used for significant obesity than for local sediments

Want to look great and forget about the date of birthin passport? To the aid will come whole armies of cosmetologists, warehouses of creams and legions of surgeons. You can use all the achievements of science or scoff at the vain attempt to stop time, but the truth is one: look bad woman has no right! But at the same time one can not be thoughtlessly given into the hands of cosmetologists and surgeons. Do you want beautiful thighs without obesity? Try first gentle methods: massages, creams, diet, sports. If the result does not satisfy you - go for liposuction. But before you learn all the information about the procedure, find a standing doctor and a good clinic. Be thorough in everything and then the result will delight you!

Without harm to health, you can pump out up to 6 litersFat - of course, not for one procedure. The world practice knows cases when the patient was removed 15 liters of fat, but this indicator is strictly individual. During the procedure, it is important to maintain a significant water-lipid balance in the body. The doctor in advance tells you whether you need to carry out plastic surgery together with liposuction, that is, to remove surgical surpluses of fat. The operation can be performed under local and general anesthesia. It depends on how many sites need to be processed at a time, and on the volume - how many liters of fat will be removed once.

Today it is considered obsolete so-calledDry liposuction, which was carried out without a special solution. She was replaced by tiumenescent liposuction, carried out with the use of a buffer solution. This solution is injected into the area of ​​the body, from where the fat will be removed. And only then the fatty tissue is sucked off. This method allows you to minimize tissue traumatism. With the help of ultrasonic liposuction, the fat is first broken and then sucked off. This method is not widely used. In addition, there is no statistics that confirm the benefits of this particular type of liposuction.

Having decided on liposuction, remember that youThere is a very long rehabilitation period. The main thing is to understand for yourself that liposuction is not a method of losing weight, but a method of correcting the contours of the body. And that after the operation there are no hillocks and pits left on you, it is necessary to wear a compression for a long time: so that moisture does not accumulate on the operated parts of the body. It is necessary to provide the skin with favorable conditions for uniform reduction. Often patients have to undergo additional procedures.

Physiotherapy. The course of procedures is usually chosen by the doctor. The procedures can last from two to three weeks.

Medications. There are medicines that contribute to the early scarring of damaged skin.

For liposuction there are the sameContraindications, as for any other surgical intervention. The doctor will refuse the patient for liposuction if he has had a heart attack, a stroke or has a tumor. Infectious and chronic diseases in the acute stage are absolute contraindications. Diabetes mellitus and other systemic diseases are also an excuse to give up the procedure. But there are individual contraindications. If the skin badly comes to tone, has a tendency to scarring - liposuction will not bring results.

Massage. In each case, the course of massage is selected individually: mechanical, vacuum-roller and lymph drainage. All procedures should be aimed at improving the outflow of lymph. Liposuction is also contraindicated in pregnant women and allergy sufferers for various medications.
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