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How to communicate with the baby in the tummy

Baby hears different sounds long beforeHis birth. The hearing organ is considered to be finally formed by the 6-7th month of pregnancy. And according to doctors, the skin and bones of the child react to sound vibrations.

Is the baby hearing sounds coming from the other side of the womb?
The main sounds that the child hears insideAbdomen, are the mother's heartbeat, and the sounds produced by the stomach and 12 duodenal ulcer. But as it turned out, the fetus hears what is happening outside. Otherwise, how to explain the cases when the child recalled the music that my mother listened to during pregnancy, and subsequently clearly reacted to the already familiar melody.

Why should a child who is in the tummy communicate with you?
After the baby is born, parentsIt will be much easier and faster to find a common contact with him if they talked with him long before birth. A person who has just appeared will recognize your voices and will treat you like someone who has already known you for a long time. This will help him to adapt faster in an unfamiliar world. A child with whom he often spoke during pregnancy, sang songs to him, told him about the past day, began to understand the speech more quickly and would start speaking earlier. It will be easier for him to communicate with peers.

How to start communicating with your baby?

Doctors advise parents to tell theirKids about their feelings for him, about how they waited for him, how they love. The fruit inside will become calmer and more correctly develop. Of course, you need to avoid loud sharp sounds, they can scare the baby, although they are barely audible. Future mothers are better off singing lullabies, from which she will calm herself, and the child will feel positive vibrations. From singing, the rhythm of the mother's heart will become calmer, and your baby, of course, will feel and feel harmony and peace with you. You can also perform uncomplicated physical exercises together with the baby, which will have a positive effect on both the mother and the baby, more oxygen will flow into the mother's blood, which means that the baby will receive oxygen through the placenta.

What kind of music is better for the child to listen to?

It is best for the mother to listen to the music thatInspires, which she likes, because the child reacts primarily to the emotional state of the mother. Although there are many opinions that it is better to listen to classical music. It calms the child. But it's better to refuse heavy rock music, even if you like it. The kid can react negatively to the loud loud sounds of such music.

In order to try to penetrate the worldA child, hear his heartbeat, the movements of pens and legs, you can use a stethoscope. Applying it to the stomach, you can hear the child's reaction to various sounds: to the lullaby of the mother or the sound of the voice of an already familiar dad. Therefore, communicate with your future baby, give him love and affection even before the birth, this will allow you to further establish a more intimate relationship and build understanding with each other!

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