/ What causes thrush to the unborn child

Than the thrush harms the future child

Disease thrush during pregnancy, notIs a normal state - as many women believe. This infection must be diagnosed and treated. Candidiasis is detected by microscopic examination of the smear, analysis on DNA or bacteriological inoculation.

A fairly large number of drugs forTreatment of thrush, which both advertise the media and are so strong that they allegedly kill candida with just a pill or capsule. In reality, it's just advertising, it's business. These drugs only reduce the activity of this fungus, but do not destroy it. Blunted infection continues to harm the female body - it may result in a commissural disease, inflammation of the internal organs. In the end, there are painful feelings, growing with each month of pregnancy. A soldering illness during pregnancy can threaten a woman's health and the health of her unborn child. One of the tested drugs in the treatment of thrush is a flucostat

In the process of childbirth, a future child whoPasses through the birth canal, can easily become infected with the fungus candidiasis from the mother. And does not matter caesarean section or childbirth. On the gums and tongue there may appear a white coating and bubbles. Only a doctor can prescribe medication and prescribe drugs, and not a seductive top model from advertising on TV.

Thrush, like many other infections,It is recommended to treat during pregnancy planning. It is recommended to conduct a thorough examination on the TORCH infection, both to the husband and wife. But if a fungus is found during pregnancy that can harm a future child, do not worry, modern medical practice has developed a large number of methods for treating pregnant women.

With regard to the general principles of nutritionInfection with fungus, then you must adhere to the diet. It is necessary to exclude sweet, spicy, floury and to use as much as possible products containing bifidobacteria. With thrush, it is recommended to take with caution the products of lactobacilli, since the latter are an ideal medium for the development of candida. Therefore, buying in the supermarkets sour-milk products, pay attention - what kinds of bacteria are populated - bifido or lactobacilli.

Than the thrush harms the future child - thisThe disease that the baby got from the mother is often observed in weakened and premature babies or with prolonged treatment with antibacterial drugs. On the mucosa there may be manifestations of white dots, which later merge into a white mass. In severe cases, a white coating can cover the inner surface of the upper respiratory tract and the skin of the child, which will negatively affect his health.

In any case, any disease is easier to prevent than treat. Be healthy!
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