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8 diets approved by science


For the first time they started talking about him in the 80s of the pastCentury, and proved its effectiveness in the 90's. At the same time it was confirmed that the fat on the sides is not much different from the fat in the food, which means it's worth switching to low-fat foods, as the weight begins to go away.

This diet is tolerated more easily than everyone else. You are full of energy and energy, eat anything and anytime, and the weight is reduced by 1.5-2 kg per month.

That is, as much as doctors approve andRecommend. However, it is assumed that everything that gets to you on the table or in the refrigerator, will be either low-fat or low-fat. If meat, then lean beef or pork, turkey or chicken without skin. If the fish, then cod, pollock and so on: fat mackerel or salmon can be eaten only 1-2 times a month. If sweets, then marmalade, pastilles and marshmallows. Milk and kefir - 1%, cottage cheese - skim. A day is allowed not more than 40-50 grams of fat.

Our rating:

+ Is more easily tolerated than other diets
+ No forbidden products
+ There is anytime and anywhere you want
+ No need to count calories
+ Public products are used
+ Individual taste preferences are taken into account
- With a tight restriction of fats (less than 15-20 g per day), deficiency of fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, K and polyunsaturated fatty acids may occur.


The "new diet", which was called greasing(From English to graze - "graze") is actually known for a long time. This is a fractional diet, useful both for excess weight, and for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. The main advantage - greasing reduces daily caloric intake. Scientists have established that the more often we eat, the fewer calories we need to saturate.

On average, the calorie content of the diet is reduced by 10-15%.

To maintain weight, this is already good, butThere are a couple more advantages in greasing. If there is no overeating (and with fractional nutrition it almost does not happen), a person keeps a good tonight and working capacity all day, and his energy also naturally increases. Well, finally, against the background of greasing, sleep normalizes, which in itself also leads to weight loss.

Our rating:

+ Such nutrition is useful in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, it prevents the development of atherosclerosis, arterial hypertension, slows down the aging process.
+ The weight loss effect from greasing can be significantly strengthened if the slimming one goes over to low-fat food
- if you are not a housewife, you will have to carry food with you all the time: you can not skip meals.


If 50-60% of your diet is complexCarbohydrates, 25-35% "good" (mono- and polyunsaturated) fats, and 10-20% - proteins, you can congratulate yourself: your food is balanced. You are not a nutritionist and you can not count the nutrients in the dishes? Then use the plate model. She will tell you what foods and what ratio should be on your table, adjust the size of portions - and help you lose weight!

If during the year, every day to have dinner and dinner on a "plate model", it is realistic to drop 20-25 kg.

So, we take the most common vessel for the secondDishes and mentally divide it into four parts. Half should be occupied by vegetables - fresh, boiled or cooked in a double boiler, on a grill, with a little oil or low-fat sauce (soy, lemon juice, balsamic vinegar), or without refueling.

A quarter is a garnish (boiled cereals, potatoes,Macaroni), again filled with low-fat sauce (no more than 120-150 g). Another quarter of the plate is taken by protein meal (a low-fat piece of meat, fish, chicken or turkey without skin, seafood, legumes) - weighing up to 100 g.

To drink lunch or dinner follows low-fat milk, kefir, unsweetened tea or water. You can additionally eat 1-2 slices of whole grain bread, and for dessert, eat fruit or berries.

Our rating:

+ Diverse, balanced nutrition, rich in vitamins and trace elements
+ Minimum of restrictions
+ No need to count calories
+ Public products are used
+ Individual taste preferences are taken into account
- The diet may seem too loose for those who need control, rigid frames and step-by-step instructions.


To reduce weight, a combination of threeFactors - nutrition, motor activity and psycho-emotional mood. Club "HP" takes into account all three. Here you will find yourself in a circle of like-minded people. You will be given recommendations on nutrition (balanced according to the "plate model", low-fat, fractional). They will tell you about fat burning training. And most importantly, they will explain how painless it is to combine new skills with old habits.

Many experts agree that the main thing for weight loss is to solve their psychological problems.

In the body, everything is interconnected, and the lack ofWe try to compensate for something by the excess of the other. Therefore, food can replace us, protect us from anxiety. With low self-esteem, overweight gives a sense of solidity and increases self-confidence. Group classes in the club "We Lose Weight Correctly" help a person cope with personal problems, raise self-esteem - and eventually lose weight.

Our rating:

+ Integrated approach
+ Lifestyle changes, which leads to a lasting result
+ Established and absolutely safe method by which many overweight
- Ticket to clubs for a fee
- products and meals according to the "HP" system are evaluated in points, and there is the possibility of abuse - for example, to use all the daily scores on sweets.


The satiety of the product and its caloricity is betweenAre not connected. The simplest example is 200 grams of cooked rice and a tablespoon of vegetable oil: 150 kcal are there and there, but rice is much more substantial. Realizing this, the producers began to create products "with a maximum of satiety with a minimum of calories" - cocktails, side dishes and soups that promote weight loss.

They do not split the fat that comes with food, and notRemove toxins. Just because of the high concentration of proteins, vitamins, minerals and trace elements, cocktails are faster saturated. And if you take them before meals (in no case should they be replaced by basic meals!), The caloric content of the daily diet will itself decrease by 20-30%.

The rate of weight loss with the reception of cocktails - from 2 to 4 kg per month.

However, doctors advise to pay less attentionOn the speed of losing weight and more - on comfort and well-being. After all, the less labor we spend on weight loss, the easier it will be to keep the result.

Our rating:

+ Gorgeous snack
+ The calorie intake is reduced automatically (after a cocktail you want to eat less)
+ Enrich the diet of slimming vitamins and microelements
May not like the taste
To achieve greater results, additional correction of nutrition


Scientific experiments on animals have shown that a decreaseThe calorie intake increases the life expectancy by 40%. Can a low-calorie diet make people long-lived? "Yes," said the Japanese Okinawa confidently, based on observations of his compatriots from the island of Reway. In their diet, they have 20% fewer calories compared to other people in the country of the Rising Sun, but they live 7-10 years longer!

Caloric content of the diet is reduced by eliminating all kinds of harmfulness, such as muffins and sweets.

But in every way welcome greens, vegetables, fish,Poultry, egg white and legumes. Consumers of fats followers of Okinawa limit to a minimum, only occasionally letting them dress the salad with vegetable oil or eat avocados.

For adepts a low-calorie diet is a lifestyle, andWeight loss is not an end in itself. The body mass index of such people is below the norm - and can it be otherwise, if from day to day to consume only 1200-1300 kcal?

Our rating:

+ The basis of the diet - optimizing the quality of food
+ Can move weight from the dead center at the beginning of losing weight
- there is no reliable data on the effects of a low-calorie diet on life expectancy
- you need to keep yourself in control
Supplement this meager diet with physical loads, most likely, will not succeed
Deficiency of vitamins and microelements is created
Contraindicated in people with a tendency to orthorhysis and anorexia
- does not change the way of life, gives a temporary result
- the probability of disruptions and the return of kilograms is high


If you believe Mireille Guiliano, the author of the bestseller"Why do not the French women get fat?", Her compatriots like bread, do not refuse desserts and do not suffer from remorse. They adore vegetables and fruits, follow the rule "less is better" and despise fast food. French women do not trust scales, but "zipper syndrome". They walk and do not use elevators. And that's why they have an excellent figure!

To his readers Mireille advises to learn to treat food calmly, without fanaticism, eat often and gradually, move a lot and drink plenty of water.

An important thesis of the Frenchwoman: "If there is no time to sit down to eat, it is better not to eat at all."

The method includes 3 phases. The first (3 weeks) - keeping a diary: it will help you to know your weaknesses. The second phase (from a month to three) is a change in eating habits. During this time, you must learn to enjoy the quality of food, not its quantity. The third phase is similar to the second, but the diet can already enter "harmfulness", which were banned earlier. And then comes the stage of maintaining the ideal weight: you continue to live as a Frenchwoman for the rest of your days.

Our rating:

+ There are no absolute prohibitions
+ "Gaming" approach to losing weight like many
+ Can be used as a background philosophy in combination with other ways to lose weight
- requires a lot of knowledge about the products


The concept of the glycemic index (GI) was introducedDoctors who helped diabetics. The fact is that carbohydrate food changes the level of sugar in the blood in different ways. Some products raise it significantly, others - medium, others - a little. This ability was also called the glycemic index (GI). For the landmark is taken GI glucose or white bread, it is equal to 100. GI from 70 and above is considered high, from 56 to 69 - medium, from 55 and lower - low. The smaller the GI, the better for losing weight.

To learn glycemic indexes is easy, however the same product may have different GI depending on the treatment.

For example, it is lower in crushed cereals than inFlakes or popcorn. In addition, do not forget that there are products that have GI, although small, but the fat content is high. It's chocolate and most nuts.

Another "cunning", which is also constantly neededRemember that the product index may vary depending on whether we ate it separately from or with other foods. If one GI dish is higher than the other, then the one who is more will break the situation in its direction. Therefore, in particular, dieters on the glycemic index are not recommended to eat breakfast porridge and scrambled eggs.

Our rating:

+ Can be used by both diabetics and people suffering from overweight and a violation of carbohydrate metabolism.
- on the number of conventions and limitations, the head goes around
- does not change the way of life, gives a temporary result
- the probability of disruptions and the return of kilograms is high

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