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The healing properties of cowberry

Cowberry leaves also have healingProperties due to the content in them glycoside arbutin, ursul, gallic and quinic acids, tannins, flavonol. Each of these compounds is responsible for a certain therapeutic effect. For example, glycoside arbutin, getting in the composition of berries or decoction of cowberry leaves in the human body, is further subjected to splitting. In this case, glucose and hydroquinone are formed, which manifests therapeutic properties, killing pathogenic bacteria.

What diseases use the medicinal properties of cowberry?
Ripe berries cranberries have a therapeutic effectWith the initial stages of hypertension and with diarrhea caused by putrefactive bacteria. Fruits of cowberry have an antiscorbutic effect, which is due to the high content of vitamin C. Water infusion berries berries has medicinal and thirsting properties. It is given to patients who are in feverish states.

Cowberry leaves also have healingProperties. They are used in the form of broths for inflammatory diseases of the kidneys and bladder, kidney stone disease, gout, rheumatism, gastritis with low acidity, incontinence in children, edema of various origin, colds.

How to save lingonberries for medical purposes?

Cowberry berries can be kept prettyA long time in a fresh form. This is due to the presence in them of a natural preservative - benzoic acid. Fruits of cowberries are harvested also in the form of jam, compote, juice.

The leaves for billet for future use are driedSo that they remain green. To properly prepare the leaves of cranberries for their further use for medicinal purposes, it is necessary to harvest them in the spring before the beginning of flowering. The leaves collected in a later period, when dried, strongly blacken and lose their healing properties. Drying of cranberry leaves should be done in darkened rooms with low air humidity. Damaged insects raw materials also need to be discarded.

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