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Fitness in the office

Undoubtedly, the most basic condition for officeCharging is her invisibility to others. Yes, the psychological barrier and the uncertainty that colleagues will understand you are the most serious obstacles on the way to a wonderful state of health! But they can be overcome. In addition, there are a lot of techniques that are suitable for everyone and do not require extra efforts.

Option one: "Breathe - do not breathe"

Special breathing exercises will allowTo return vivacity of body and spirit for 15-20 minutes. Especially popular now is Chinese breathing exercises (chi-chun), which has a centuries-old history and proven therapeutic effect; Diaphragmatic breathing, based on the technique of yoga; As well as classical breathing exercises, which is a mixture of different styles, but does not lose its effectiveness from this. Learn a few techniques of any respiratory gymnastics, apply them every day, and you will see how your office life will become more comfortable.

The second option: "My own mistress"

If you have a separate room, then the possibilitiesFully "disperse blood" you have a lot. If you're still a beginner "office athlete," and last time I went to the gym ... in general, a very long time, try the technique of isometric muscle training. It is a technique of contraction of muscles without their movement. The whole point of charging is to strengthen not only the muscular frame, but also the tendons and ligaments, and increase the endurance. If you absolutely know exactly what dumbbells are, what distinguishes triceps from bisebs, and visit the fitness center though not often, but regularly, you can try to master a bodyflex - a combo combining yoga, pilates, Japanese and Chinese gymnastics. This technique is aimed at strengthening the muscles and reducing body weight. There are many bodyfitness exercises that are suitable for performing in "harsh" office conditions.

Option three: be lazy and once again lazy

For women who deny any physicalLoad, there is also a technique for returning work capacity and vigor. These are different types of acupressure, the most famous of them is the Japanese shiatsu. On the effectiveness of the effect on the body this type of massage is not inferior to the above types of office workouts. It is especially noteworthy that, quickly, within a few minutes, will refresh the complexion and give shine to the eyes. In a situation where you need to look good late at night after a hard day's work, the shiatsu is simply irreplaceable.

Invisibility gymnastics

1. Breathe deeper! Take a breath, while trying to make it so that the rib cage and ribs remain in place, but the stomach "protrudes". Hold your breath for 1-2 seconds, and exhale through your nose. Perform 10 times.

2. Relax your neck! Cross your arms on the back of your head, lift your head and look up. Hands and neck should counteract each other. Repeat 10 times. This exercise will improve your circulation in the neck and upper parts of the spine.

3. Take off the studs for a while! Remove the shoes, sit on a chair, put feet on the floor at a distance of 20 cm from each other. First, pull the toe up, try to keep the heels on the floor during the exercise. Do the exercise 20 times. Then the same thing for the heels. Pull the heels up, and press your fingers to the floor. Repeat 20 times and dress the hairpin again!

4. Close your eyes! Loss of hands against each other for warming, then massage your face with slow movements 20 times - up and down. Exercise relaxes the eye muscles and improves complexion.

5. Relax your lower back! Embrace the waist with your hands, place your thumb in the area of ​​the lumbar vertebrae. Nadavi simultaneously with two thumbs on the muscles, stepping back from the spine of 1-2 centimeters. Move up closer to the thoracic area, then down, while a little bending forward.

The secrets of bodyflex, shiatsu or breathing exercises should be comprehended with the coach. But you can do invisibility gymnastics without special training. Exercises are very simple, but effective.


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