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"Fitness" can be translated in two ways: As "readiness" or "compliance." And both definitions have the right to life. There are two main areas of fitness: sports, when the motivation for classes is to get the maximum result for the victory in the competitions, and "for health". In my opinion, the motivation of fitness athletes is not much different from the motivation of bodybuilders.

It's quite another thing - fitnessFitness and wellness, including not only physical activity and constant physical activity, but also rational nutrition, diet, if you want. When fitness only appeared in our country, there was an opinion that it was exclusively women's fun. And even today the overwhelming number of clients of fitness centers (about 70%) are women.

Choose a fitness club is easy: It all depends on your preferences. Maybe in the sanatorium where you stayed, there is at least an instructor for aqua aerobics or a gym, the use of which is included in the cost of the voucher. Or in the house opposite at a time convenient for you, there are training sessions.

But there are also whole complexes on the squareSeveral thousand square meters, where you can practice in the pool, go for cardio training, fitness equipment, aerobics, which there are several dozen types. It remains only to choose to your taste, depending on the goal.

Another important point is the price of subscription. Yes, yes, firstly, the subscription system disciplines beginners, does not give white a serious reason to skip classes. Secondly, to engage in subscription of interest at 10-15 is cheaper than each time to make a lump sum. In clubs that claim to be elite, there is also a club system: the subscription fee includes the maximum number of services, and the client chooses what he likes.

In addition to the pool and showers, in the halls of thisThere must be a sauna or a sauna. A qualified bathhouse attendant will "steer clear" you according to all the rules of his science. So the soul is also good for the soul, and health corrects - they lose weight in the steam room almost more effectively than in the gym.

Halls of the middle level during the day are cheaper, in the evening- expensive. Their signs: fairly spacious rooms, good simulators, the presence of a swimming pool. A set of services of cheap fitness centers is most often limited to a gym without signs of European-quality repair, not with the newest outfit. But if it is located in a convenient place for you, has everything you need for intensive training, is equipped with a comfortable shower room and a cloakroom, classes in it will be no less useful and quite comfortable.

Whatever your choice, remember one thing. The promise of an instant result without much effort, like the magic wand - is nothing more than a publicity stunt. In order for lessons to be effective, it is necessary to practice regularly and with full dedication.

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