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Diseases of the stomach and stomach

2. Leitaminosis.

Oppressing the ability of the mucosa of the stomach and intestines to recover.

3. The period of the epidemic.
Over the long period of the flu epidemic and coldsWe take different kinds of medications. Aspirin and preparations on its basis damage the mucous membrane and produce a large amount of gastric juice. Paracetamol badly affects the liver and disrupts its activity.

4. Stress.
Psychologists have noticed that those people who are subjected to mental illnesses, most often suffer from stomachs and stomachs.

And now we will examine the stomach and stomach diseases themselves.

Gastritis Is a disease of the stomach. When you have high acidity, aching pain in the upper abdomen, "under the spoon". In a hungry state, and this comes in an hour or two after a meal, he worries, only after eating another meal. With reduced acidity, on the contrary, you will not wait for an appetite. But there will be indigestion, rumbling and all sorts of frustration. Gastritis can lead to a disease of the pancreas, gall bladder, intestines.

Ulcer Is a disease of the stomach. Appears then painful sensations, then only heartburn. She can sometimes get sick and a little in the area of ​​the spine. Without a doctor, you do not understand what hurts you.

Heartburn Is a disease of the stomach. Sometimes it arises by itself, and maybe also a sign of illness. If you ate something from the eastern cuisine, its appearance is not ruled out. But if it does not disappear within three days. This is a sign of something more serious. What exactly can you find out after the examination.

When indigestion the doctor examines the activityPancreas. For this, even breathing tests are available. And after that, if, it is necessary to prescribe a dose of enzymes. Because some symptoms can be caused due to a decrease in enzyme activity. Here you can not do without appropriate analyzes.

The appearance of dyspepsia depends on its underlying cause. If it is in the upper part of the abdomen, in the area of ​​the stomach, you will very quickly eat up. And even a little food will cause heaviness, belching, heartburn, nausea and bitterness in the mouth. If at the bottom, then bloating and dependence on the toilet.

Sometimes stomach and abdominal problems are limitedOnly weakness and drowsiness. But if they are often added to the toilet, there may be a problem in malabsorption. That is, poor digestibility of the substance. The reason is the inadequate enzymatic activity of the pancreas. Because of it, dysbiosis may also occur. Often this happens when protein is added to the food ration in large quantities. With dysbiosis in the diet should not be fried, freshly baked muffin, pickled, spicy, salted, smoked, tinned and soda water. In such cases it is better to drink infusion of herbs - they will reduce inflammation. You can take such herbs as chamomile, mint, linden, rosehip. Decoctions of marigold, plantain, cumin, dill, mother and - stepmother, yarrow. Reduce the use of sweets.

The more problems you have with stomach and stomach diseases, the more careful you should be with vegetables and fruits.
Watch your health and always be healthy.

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