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Coffee caffeine and tea

Coffee caffeine and tea in small doses strengthensMotor and mental activity, reduces fatigue and drowsiness, and as a result, really gives a feeling of vivacity, opens the so-called "second breath", it becomes easier for a person to work.

But do not forget that the establishedThe stereotype about coffee is often erroneous, because Consumption of caffeine in large doses may not give the desired result and even harm the body, turning its functioning in an undesirable direction for you. Namely, cause fatigue and negatively affect the activity of the central nervous system, depleting nerve cells. Under the influence of coffee and caffeine, cardiac activity increases, blood pressure rises, abdominal vessels narrow, disrupting the stomach, so the consumption of coffee suppresses the appetite. Very often, increased cardiac activity and CNS excitation is the cause of insomnia.

Speaking about coffee and smoking, do not forget aboutIncreasing the harmful effects of nicotine along with caffeine consumption. Nicotine saturates the body with toxins and leads to oxygen starvation of tissues. The constant consumption of coffee along with nicotine leads to irreversible changes in the human body.

For lovely ladies it will also be useful to know thatAlthough caffeine is a useful stimulant for burning calories and a substance that helps in burning fat, coffee is also an assistant to cellulite!

Nobody says that coffee is an enemy. Small doses of caffeine really help us in our daily work. And, whatever one may say, this is a tasty and pleasant pastime. A cup of coffee a day does not hurt. If coffee is ground, so much so. No matter how the producers of instant coffee advertise their product, everyone understands that it is inferior in taste to coffee beans. Soluble coffee also contains large doses of caffeine, so side effects can be more damaging.

But how to limit the consumption of caffeine, ifSo it's hard to wake up in the morning without a cup of coffee, and it's almost impossible to get involved quickly without this drink, it's also hard to resume activity after lunch ... It's worth to forget, limiting the amount of coffee, trying to use coffee beans, because it is brewed in a cup and without a turkey. Do not also consume coffee, looking at the monitor, because The effect on the central nervous system increases. But about smoking and simultaneous coffee drinking should be forgotten.

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