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Street fitness

The training program you can diversify, vary and supplement as you like, turning every activity into a holiday of body and soul.

Everything starts - walking

Of course, it's better to get to the chosen place of employment on your own. Walk cheerfully, dynamically, from time to time speeding up the step or jogging. On the move you can not only admire the beauty of nature, but also do some useful exercises. For example, respiratory.

Take the opportunity: Breathe belly, rhythmically straining or relaxing the muscles - this is a kind of training for the press, useful for the figure.

Do gymnastics for the eyes - blinking, movement of the eyeballs in differentDirections. If no one sees you, pass a piece of the path on the heels, socks or backwards - it trains the coordination of movements. Walking alone, you can meditate, not embarrassing anyone.

Going out into the clearing with thick grass, take off your shoes and walk barefoot on the silky grass carpet, admiring the flowers and butterflies. Than not psychotherapy ?! Glade - an ideal place for charging.

Relax after walking and start exercising. It can be Mahi arms and legs, torso and torso rotation, squats, yoga asanas...

Part of the exercises, Taking in hands a thick stick, a heavy stone or other natural weighting agents. By means of a stick, by the way, it is possible to carry out exercises on the development of the muscles of the back, tilt forward and twist the trunk.

Met on the way a large log (suitable andBench in the park) - an excellent simulator for strengthening the muscles of the legs. Sitting on it, raise and lower your legs, do a scissors exercise. Several times walk on the log barefoot, training the vestibular apparatus and massaging the biocurrents on the soles of the feet.

A broad log without knots, which is stable on the ground, can replace the step-board. Do some exercises from step aerobics, using different ways of lifting on the log and convergence with it.

Go rhythmically, training your abdominal muscles,Buttocks and legs. Connect the movements with your hands: with each step, raise your hands up, pulling them forward, make wavy movements. Take in hands on a pebble - an excellent load on a humeral belt.

After training, rest, sit, leaning your back on the trunk of the tree, saturated with his healing energy.

Strength training on the bench

For muscles of the shoulder girdle

Strengthen the muscles of the chest, shoulders, arms, hips, shins and the press can be in the park with a conventional bench.

Initial position

Take the emphasis lying on the arms outstretched, palm resting on the ground, placing them on the width of shoulders and strictly under the shoulders, and the feet, also spaced by the width of the shoulders, on the bench.


Strain the muscles of the press, bend your arms in the elbows,Diluting them to the sides, and lower the upper part of the trunk to the ground, without rounding or arching your back - the entire body from the top to the heel must be a straight line. Hold in the lower position for a second, straighten your arms and return to the starting position.

For the muscles of the hands, hips and the press

Initial position

Sit on the edge of the bench, hold her hands on either side of the body, the palms are just under the shoulders.

Slowly lower the pelvis over the edge of the bench,While making small steps forward until the knees are exactly above the ankles, while not pushing the buttocks off the bench. Pull forward your right foot and put your heel to the ground.


Bending his arms in elbows and pulling his shoulders back,Lower your buttocks closer to the ground, while straining your muscles and bringing your right knee to your chest. Make sure that your hands are not bent at an angle of less than 90 degrees.

Hold for a second and straighten your arms,While straightening the right leg, without touching the foot of the earth. Repeat the movements 4-6 times, without lowering the foot to the ground, after doing the exercise for the other leg. Rest 30 seconds and follow another approach.

For legs, buttocks and press

Park trees - excellent simulators, helping to strengthen the muscles of the legs, buttocks and the press.

Initial position

Lie down on your back with your feet to the tree, bending your right leg in the knee, stop on the ground, straighten your left leg and rest your foot in a tree, hands stretched along the trunk, palms up.


Tighten the buttocks and lift the pelvis upwards,So that the body from the shoulders to the left foot is a straight line, then go back to the starting position. Do one approach for one, then the other leg, rest for 30 seconds and repeat the exercise.

Aqua aerobics - nice and useful

The temperature rolls over 30 degrees, jogging and other exercises can not be performed because of the heat. But next to it - a reservoir. So you can do aqua aerobics.

Exercises in the water - a joy for the body, they allow you to train different muscle groups. In addition, these The exercises are very effective in combating obesity, And all this - without exhausting efforts and "the seventh sweat".

Firstly, any exercise in the water column is easy even for those who are not at sport with the sport. Secondly, the muscles in the water relax muscularly, and fatigue is not felt.

"Water figures" give the body a special flexibility and harmony of forms: when we move in the water, trying to keep the balance, all muscle groups work.


Do not rush into the water "from the heat, with the heat" - this is very harmful to the heart. First, stew a little in the sun, and then for about 10 minutes stay in the shade.

Do not bathe until goosebumps: Get out of the water when the body still feels a pleasant warmth. So, we perform the figures.

"Running on water"

Stand straight, arms spread apart. Tighten the abdomen. Raise the left leg, bending it at the knee at the hip level. Lower your leg completely straight.

Perform the exercise on the other leg. Repeat 20 times. This exercise is designed to train the muscles of the front surface of the thigh.


The starting position is the same. Bend the right leg and try to touch the heel with the heel. Lower your leg. Do the same with your left foot. Perform the exercise, alternating legs, 20 times.

"Sea Horse"

Stand straight, arms spread apart. The left leg is bent at the knee. Make a swing back with a bent leg. Repeat the exercise 20 times, then change the leg. With the help of this exercise, the muscles of the buttocks are trained, the waist is strengthened.


Directly immerse yourself in the water without touching the bottom of your feet. Hands spread apart. With your body tilted forward, follow the movements, as if climbing the stairs, for 5 minutes. Climbing the underwater "ladder" will help improve metabolism and strengthen the muscles of the legs and buttocks.

Coming out of the water, move on land. Jogging on the river or the seashore is the right way to show off the slender legs after vacation.

In summer, in the fresh air, you can bring as muchBenefits to your body and health! Therefore, going to nature, do not forget to take a ball, a rope with you, and in addition use natural fitness equipment. Be beautiful and healthy!


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