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Eye treatment without surgery

It is absolutely necessary to find out what causes discomfort. As a rule, when the naturally moisturizing is disturbed, the sensation of a foreign body in the eye first appears, lacrimation, followed by a permanent dryness. "Dry eye syndrome" - this is the name for this condition in medicine.

Among the main causes of draining the cornea, ophthalmologists call Avitaminosis, a reaction to the taking of certain medications. It is also noticed that allergic people more prone to this disorder.

Most of the initially healthy people"Have earned" this problem because of unfavorable external factors (bad ecology, electromagnetic radiation). But still, most often with this problem are turned to the oculists office workers (those who work with monitors and computers). Therefore, first of all doctors advise those who spend hours "hanging" in the screen, try to blink more often, accustom themselves to such a "bloating" gymnastics. It is necessary to take as a rule to blink at least once every half a minute, then every 5-10 seconds. This does not interfere with concentration, on the contrary - it distracts the stinging and dryness in the eyes.

Few people think about what "dries"The eyes are not only a monitor, but also an air conditioner. This device is not uncommon at all, and accompanies us at work, in shops, in a car and at home. Even being switched on to neutral mode, not to mention heating, most air conditioners deprive air of moisture. The same applies to any heating appliances.

Treatment and prevention of the "dry eye" syndrome,As a rule, is carried out with the help of preparations of the "artificial tear" series. On a kind these are transparent drops, often in compact packages, which are easily placed in the cosmetic bag. Usually doctors recommend to instill eyes 3 to 8 times a day.

There are gel-like artificial tears with moreThick consistency and prolonged action. But such drugs only for a short time "extinguish" the syndrome, the cause of the ailment does not disappear, therefore it is necessary to undergo an ophthalmological examination. To prevent disease, it is recommended to install humidifiers in rooms. Those who spend a lot of time at the computer, it is recommended that the distance to the monitor is not less than 50 cm, and the center of the screen was 10-20 cm lower than the eye level.

Do you work at the computer? Do an hour every few simple exercises to train your eyesight.
1. Lean back in the chair, close your eyes, turn your eyeballs from left to right and vice versa, 10 times.
2. Press the tips of the fingers of the whiskey and blink quickly 15 times.
3. Take a deep breath, squeezing your eyes as tightly as possible. Hold your breath for a couple of seconds, open your eyes in exhalation.
4. Close your eyes and gently massage your eyelids with your fingertips clockwise.
5. Holding your head straight, raise your eyes as high as possible, to the ceiling, and then as low as possible. Do it 10 times.

If these exercises are performed daily, visionWill improve. Therefore, our advice to you: if you want to have a healthy vision until old age, follow all the above instructions and the quality of your vision, will improve much. And still be sure to consult with an ophthalmologist.

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