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Perhaps most importantly, you will learn to positivelyTreat life. You will be filled with confidence and feel the harmony of body and spirit. Your movements will become light and precise, smooth and noisy. True, is it tempting? Now about health. Pilates helps to strengthen and stabilize the lumbar spine, and in the event of illness or injury, Pilates can alleviate pain.

Those who have a profession associated with a long sittingAt your desk or computer, Pilates will help ease the strain on the muscles of the neck, the back of the neck and shoulders. But many will be interested primarily in the fact that Pilates helps once and for all to solve the problem of excess weight. As they say, if there is harmony, then harmony in everything.

It would seem that they talked about Pilates quite recently. However, the technique was developed quite a long time by Joseph Hubertus Pilates, who, through his own efforts and endless training, turned himself from a weak and painful child into an athletic-built teenager. In the beginning of the last century in England, Pilates even worked in the legendary Scotland yard: he was a self-defense trainer for detectives. The system developed by him is a successful synthesis of yoga, martial arts and the basics of meditation. Pilates used his system for the rehabilitation of wounded soldiers during the First World War. But the real popularity of his technique brought, strangely enough, the flu of 1918, when thousands of people died of the epidemic, but none of those who trained according to the Pilates method.

Moving to New York, Pilates and his wife ClaraBegan to actively promote their methods in ballet circles, as a result of which, with the help of George Balanchine, the first fitness studio of the Pilates family was opened. Today Pilates technique is used in almost all hospitals in America to restore patients after trauma or orthopedic operations.

The essence of Pilates is reduced to adherence to the basic principles or the Golden Rules of the methodology:

- Concentration rule. In order to connect the body and spirit together,It is necessary to visualize this very fulfillment simultaneously with the performance of the exercise, that is, to create yourself an image of how you perform the exercise. According to the author of the technique, with the help of this two-sided concentration (from the inside and from the outside), the muscles are subconsciously activated.

- Control rule. In Pilates you can not allow inattentionOr error. All the muscles involved in the exercise should be optimally involved. Besides, feeling the increase of attention to performance, you seem to program your body for optimal work during the subsequent long time.

- Accuracy rule. Exercises must be made to the maximumAccurately: qualitatively and consciously. By increasing attention to the exercises, we subconsciously transfer the same extreme attentive attitude to quality and everyday life.

- Breathing rule. In order to make the center of the body stable,You need to use thoracic lateral breathing. In addition, thanks to this conscious breathing, when the thorax division expands to the sides and back, we stretch and thin the intercostal muscles, and the upper part of the body acquires greater mobility.

- Center rule. The founder of the technique, Joseph Pilates,The middle of the body between the chest and the pelvis "powerhouse." He had in mind four groups of muscles - the transverse muscle of the abdominal press, oblique muscles, deep lying muscle, stretching the spine, muscles of the pelvic floor. All these muscles create a natural corset that supports the spine and makes the stomach tight.

- Rule of smoothness, continuity and fluidity of movements. All Pilates exercises are soft and smooth, aimed at finding and maintaining optimal posture with the least muscle strength and least stress.

That's basically it. It remains only to come to the Pilates section and begin to build a new self. Exercises of this system are simple, but in order to achieve the desired results, you need to start them under the guidance of the coach. And most importantly - regularly, at least three times a week. Experts say that after the first session you will not recognize yourself.


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