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Healthy Teeth and Proper Care

According to dentists, the main reasonDiseases of teeth and oral cavity, the onset of inflammatory diseases, consists of dental plaque. In this case, dentists give a number of tips for proper dental care, which will help you to maintain the beauty of your smile and your dental health.

There is a common misconception thanThe toothbrush is more expensive, the better it cleans the teeth. But the price, size, shape of the bristle does not affect the purpose of the toothbrush and do not talk about its quality. Any toothbrush clears teeth from plaque. The main thing is to regularly change the toothbrush and toothpaste. New toothbrushes should preferably be treated with a soap solution, as they are not sterile. Brushing your teeth is recommended twice a day: after breakfast and before bedtime. And do not forget to clean your tongue and use mouth rinses

During the day, when the toothpaste and brushNot accessible, also do not forget about dental care. After each meal, especially sour and sweet, rinse the teeth with a special antibacterial solution or simple warm water. It is very useful for teeth and gums rinsing with herbs (sage, chamomile). To remove stuck between the teeth pieces of food, use dental floss, but in no case a toothpick. If you use toothpicks, then it is likely that your gums will be injured. If there is no dental floss at hand, then the chewing gum will be the way out, just do not chew it for more than 15 minutes at a time.

Your teeth need additional feeding,Or rather in mineral substances: calcium Iftore. Eat more dairy products, seafood, rice, beef, spinach, since these products contain many minerals.

If you decide to take care of your teeth,Give up seeds and carbonated drinks, they spoil your teeth. But the common opinion that coffee, tea and wine color your teeth is wrong. These drinks color the plaque. Therefore, in order to preserve the whiteness of your smile, brush your teeth after taking such drinks.

Regularly drink water to prevent dryness in the mouth, and use hygienic lipsticks. Dry mouth and dry, chapped lips promote the spread of bacteria.

Proper dental care is not possible withoutRegular visits to the dentist. At the reception at the dentist you will not only undergo treatment, but also get a consultation from a hygienist who will give you advice on proper dental care. To achieve your goal, namely, for a snow-white smile, you can use teeth whitening in any dental clinic. Modern methods of bleaching allow you to keep the whiteness of teeth for 3-5 years.

Healthy teeth are first of all general healthOrganism. A beautiful, snow-white smile, or as it is also called a Hollywood smile, is available to everyone with proper teeth care. Do not forget about such elementary things as brushing your teeth twice a day, rinsing your teeth and mouth, using dental floss. Pay sufficient attention to your teeth and then another visit to the dentist will not cause you such fear. And your smile will certainly warm and attract!

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