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Black elder and its use in folk medicine

Which parts of blackberry black have found application in folk medicine?
In folk medicine, the flowers of elderberry black and its fruits are used.

What are the chemical substances contained in black elderberry, cause its use in folk medicine?
Black elder and its use in folk medicineHave become widespread due to the content in the flowers and fruits of this plant substances that have medicinal properties. It is established that in the flowers of black elderberry there are organic acids (valerian, apple, acetic), essential oil, rutin, choline, glycoside sambunigrin, tannins. The use of black elderberry in folk medicine is determined by the content of glucose, fructose, organic acids, tannins, carotene (provitamin A), ascorbic acid (vitamin C).

At what diseases in folk medicine is recommended the use of black elderberry?

In folk medicine, flowers of black elderberryAre used as an anti-inflammatory, antipyretic and sedative. The diaphoretic action of the flowers of black elderberry is used in the treatment of bronchitis, laryngitis, influenza, kidney and bladder diseases. Boiled in milk flowers are applied to abscesses on the skin, and water infusion is well suited for gargling with angina and stomatitis. Dried flowers of black elderberry in recipes of traditional medicine are part of diuretics.
The fruits of black elderberry are used as a laxative. They are edible, you can cook jelly, which also has a relaxing effect.

How correctly to prepare flowers and fruits of black elderberry for storage and the subsequent application in recipes of traditional medicine?
The flowers of black elder are harvested during the flowering of the plant (in May - June). Inflorescences are cut from the branches entirely and then dried. After drying, the pedicels are removed.
The fruits of black elder are harvested in August -September. For further use of fruits in recipes of traditional medicine, it is necessary to separate the pedicels from them. Drying in is carried out in an oven or oven at a temperature of 60-65? C.
Store the dried raw materials in a dry ventilated room.

Preparation and application of folk medicine from black elderberry.
The fruits and flowers of black elderberry are usually used inForm of water infusions. To prepare the infusion from the flowers of black elderberry, take 1 tablespoon of dried raw material, place in enameled dishes, pour one glass of boiling water and cover with a lid. After this, the dishes with all the contents are heated in a water bath for 15 minutes, then cooled to room temperature and filtered. Infusion of flowers of elderberry take one glass 2 times a day (as a diaphoretic) or a quarter cup before taking food (to achieve astringent action).
An infusion of dried black elderberries is prepared in a similar way.
In addition to the use of traditional medicines in recipes, the fruits of black elderberry can be used to make jams and syrups.

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