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How to maintain a diet and maintain beauty

The organism quickly stores for future use, in case ofFuture upheavals. And again you need to go on a diet. And again - to no avail. Because the process will repeat. So much of life (and for individual women and all life) also goes on in an endless struggle with the hated weight. All "fighting" actions are immediately reflected on the skin, hair, nails. And it turns out that the ultimate goal - to acquire beauty, is unattainable. Why is that? The thing is that the basis of beauty and health is not a diet, but a balanced diet. Yes, and diet should be right. It's just a fairy Cinderella changed by the wave of a magic wand. The process of maintaining female beauty is a way of life, and it lasts as long as life itself lasts.

In fact, any diet is a stress for the bodyAnd none of them gives a guaranteed, and most importantly, a long-term result. Organism is equally necessary and proteins, and fats, and carbohydrates, as well as vitamins and trace elements. To deprive him of one of these components means to cause serious damage to the body, which he will not be attractive for a woman at all. And the abuse of diets can provoke serious illnesses, such as anorexia and bulimia. But if the decision to go on a diet is firmly accepted, it is necessary to assess your abilities in advance, determine the time and those restrictions that you can accept. There are several universal tips for any diet.

Eight universal tips for any diet

Council number 1 (culinary). Any diet, even the most stringent, includesYourself list of allowed products. Monotony is burdensome in everything, and in nutrition, too, so, sitting on a diet, it is worth cooking more often and not be afraid of the original recipes. After all, the taste of any product is ninety percent the result of skillful preparation. In addition, satiety is not the least dependent on the appearance of the dish. A mashed puree of an undetermined color, in which it is impossible to guess the source product, is unlikely to inspire and give strength. In the menu of most diets, there are salads and bright vegetables can help. Colorful still lifes from tomatoes, Bulgarian peppers, carrots, aubergines, cucumbers, green beans, zucchini, pumpkins, certainly, will cheer up! In addition, a beautiful serving will bring aesthetic pleasure, and this also contributes to saturation.

Tip # 2 (sweet). Refusing sweet is the hardest thing. And most importantly, there is no need. Fast carbohydrates provide energy and vivacity. After all, the level of glucose in the blood indicates satiety or hunger. It is enough to pamper the body with a piece of chocolate, low-fat cookies, a spoonful of honey or juice. Here the main thing is a measure. Those who do not have enough willpower to limit themselves to only one candy, can try dietary wholemeal bars or chocolate drinks. Or go to such sweet fruits as dates. In 100 g of dates contains only 16 calories, and their taste will satisfy even the avid sweet tooth. And there are sweets you need 15-20 minutes before eating, then satiety during the meal itself will come faster.

Board number 3 (fragrant). A person is given five senses, but most actively heEnjoys only sight and hearing. But the sense of smell plays an important role in the perception of the world around us and, what is important, is directly related to the process of nutrition. After all, the delicious flavor of the dish adjusts the body to eating and activates the saturation process. Therefore, the smells of cooked dishes should be enjoyed, inhaled deeply and often. However, the smells of dishes that are forbidden by diet can only arouse the body. They should be avoided. In addition, smells can reduce and even suppress for a while the feeling of hunger. By the way, so Khoja Nasreddin was "eating" when he could not afford food. During the diet, invaluable support will be smelled of green apple, banana, mint, lavender, rose.

Tip # 4 (sharp). Condiments and spices can transform anyTasteless dish. In addition, they accelerate the metabolism and imperceptibly restrict food portions. After all, if the dish is richly flavored with pepper, then eat it a lot - it's difficult. Cinnamon lowers blood sugar, and the smell of vanilla, according to research by Australian scientists, speeds up the burning of fat in the body. No wonder, centuries ago in Europe spices were valued in weight of gold.

Tip # 5 (carbohydrate). Deficiency of carbohydrates will provoke depression, soHow they help to produce serotonin, which is responsible for the positive emotional well-being of the body. This is especially true for fans of protein and fat diets. Apathy and depression in this case - a frequent phenomenon. Therefore, the ration should include cereals, fruits, dried fruits and vegetables. And here rice, especially brown is irreplaceable. It contains vitamins of group B, the use of which positively affects the appearance of hair and skin. Moreover, this rice is a source of complex carbohydrates, which require more time for splitting, which means that it provides a prolonged burst of energy.

Board number 6 (chewing). Yes, yes, carefully chewing food, a person likeSaid the classic, helps not only society, but also himself. Eating does not tolerate haste. On the contrary, the more it lasts in time (but not by the amount eaten!), The better. After all, chewing is not only mechanical grinding of food, but also processing it with enzymes of saliva. And this promotes the fastest entry of sugars from the digestive tract into the blood, since in part the sugar is absorbed into the blood by the mucous membrane of the larynx. In turn, this is the guarantee of satiety. If you swallow breakfast in a hurry, lunch or dinner, then the feeling of hunger will not disappear anywhere.

Council number 7 (fruit). Unfortunately, some fruits are tabooedDiets, so women have to deny themselves strawberries, grapes and often - in bananas. But you should not forget about the benefits of other fruits, such as apples or kiwi. Apples contain a lot of fiber, polyphenol and fructose. Fiber creates a feeling of saturation, polyphenol burns fat, and fructose softens the pain from the absence of sweet. Kiwi is the source of daily intake of vitamin C, many useful minerals, dietary fiber and water.

Council number 8 (Japanese). To cope with the feeling of hunger, you canTurn to overseas experience. The Japanese consume konjunku which contain fiber glucomannan. This fiber binds fats and, filling the stomach, gives a feeling of satiety, which is so necessary to losing women. As a result, the appetite decreases and the risk of overeating is prevented. However, due to its exotic character (we do not grow a horse), it can be replaced with Rheolex PROPOL, whose effect is similar.

And most importantly, during the diet should be moreActive, than usual, way of life. A fascinating hobby (new or forgotten old), reading, communication, interesting activities and other, numerous and varied classes will translate the focus of attention and do not allow to focus on thoughts about food.

Lovely ladies, encourage yourself for every dumpedFive hundred grams (but only something spiritual!) And as often as possible imagine the final result: beauty, harmony, easy gait and grace. Then the diet will not become torture, and the arrow on the scales will delight you for a long time!


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