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How to prevent early menopause

What is climax

Climax is not a disease, but the process, whenWhich is gradually weakening the reproductive capacity of women. Because of hormonal changes, there are disruptions in the menstrual cycle, metabolic processes change. Then comes the menopause. This means that a woman is no longer capable of procreation. Many associate menopause with old age, which is not entirely true.

Early menopause

The early menopause comes unexpectedly for a woman,When she is not ready for it. Often this is explained by hereditary predisposition. Indeed, many body processes depend on our genes. If heredity is such that maturation and wilting occur earlier, it is difficult to combat this. But this is not the only reason.
Early menopause may occur because ofWrong way of life of a woman. This can be affected by anything - bad ecology, smoking, alcohol or drug abuse, malnutrition, irregular sex life and so on. Various surgical interventions, hormonal therapy, chronic diseases of the reproductive system affect.

A very strong effect on the offensiveMenopause of the thyroid gland. This body produces hormones that regulate the work of almost the entire body. Therefore, the thyroid gland largely depends on when a woman has a climacterium.

Is it possible to prevent menopause?

Early menopause is difficult to predict, but you canStart work to prevent it in advance. For example, it is important to know exactly what condition the thyroid gland is in, whether it needs treatment. If the doctor determines abnormalities in the production of hormones, then he will be able to conduct timely therapy, which will help to prevent inhibition in the work of the ovaries.
Important,. That the woman herself cared about her health. It is unacceptable to accumulate stress, since a full rest helps the body to recover, it is necessary. In addition, no less important is the regime of the day. Doctors never tire of talking about the need to streamline their lives, adjust all processes so that they occur regularly and preferably at regular intervals. This is nutrition, and sleep, and work, and rest, and sex.
Regular sex life as it trains the sexualSystem of women, makes it work. Therefore, it is important not to make long breaks between sexual intercourse, regardless of age. This will help maintain the body in tone.

If the early climax still came, despiteFor all diligence, you need to take care of preserving the quality of life to which you are accustomed. First, you should be prepared for the fact that it will proceed more complexly than if it came in 50-55 years. Everything can begin with an unstable emotional state. Perhaps you will feel strong tides, excessive sweating, you may have trouble sleeping. Climax promotes the development of osteoporosis. All this must be taken into account and not left without attention.
Secondly, the early menopause needs to be adjusted with the help of medications. You may need hormonal therapy, which is prescribed by a doctor. It is necessary to take vitamin D.

During and after menopause, the body beginsGrow old much faster. Therefore, you need to keep yourself in good shape - exercise, eat right, avoid stress. Physical loads will help maintain muscles and bones in tone, and taking necessary vitamins and hormones will not allow you to age quickly.

The early menopause is certainly unpleasant, butDo not take it as a sentence. This happens more often, but women find ways to prevent noticeable deterioration in health and personal life. A gynecologist, a therapist and an endocrinologist will help you choose the drugs that will allow you to control hormonal changes and enjoy all the facets of life, as before.

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