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Diseases and body odors

People very often complain about bad breath. They try to hide it with chewing gum or flavoring, rinsing liquid, toothpaste or food, but such a disguise does not solve the problem.
About half of all people on earth sufferAn unpleasant odor from the mouth, which appears constantly or from time to time. There is a name for this deviation - halitosis. But many do not know that there is something wrong with their breathing until they hear a comment from others and it's good if it is done in the correct form. If you want to know how your breath really smells - just swipe with a cotton swab or not a sharp piece of paper on the tongue towards the lips. You will see a white or yellowish scurf. Its smell corresponds to the smell of your breath. I do not like? There may be several reasons for this.

The first reason is food. If you ate something too "fragrant", for example, garlic, onions, fish, then it is not surprising that something is wrong with your breathing.
The second reason is bacteria, which are hugeThe amount is in the mouth, much more than anywhere else on our body. If this is the problem, then you can get rid of it by carefully cleaning your teeth, gums and tongue. Simple daily hygiene procedures can save positions.
The third reason is tooth decay and gum problems. In this case, a visit to the dentist is necessary.
Another reason is a problem with the gastrointestinal tract or liver. To identify violations in the work of these bodies will help medical examination, and eliminate the consequence - competent treatment.
Well, and finally, another common reasonUnpleasant smells from the mouth - this is smoking. There are two ways to solve this problem - refusal to smoke or constant disguise, which everyone knows more effectively.

Armpits and legs.
Our body is arranged so that with the help of sweatGlands from the body are eliminated toxins, moisture and other substances. In itself, sweat does not smell. An unpleasant smell appears in consequence of the decomposition of substances and because of the bacteria that live on our body. Usually, in order to get rid of the unpleasant smell of sweat, it is enough to take a shower and change clothes. But some of these simple procedures do not help some, their sweat glands work so intensely that the smell of sweat persecutes them even when there is no reason to do so.
In this case, you need to see a doctor,Who will advise the treatment. It is important to give up a lot of spices, monitor your diet, drink more fluids and observe all the rules of personal hygiene.

Urine has a specific not too pleasantSmell, but sometimes it can smell too sharp. This indicates problems. A sharp ammonia smell speaks of diseases of the urine - reproductive system. This is a signal that you need to see a doctor urgently.

Genital organs.

With proper hygiene, the sex organsDo not have sharp unpleasant odors. A sharp smell, similar to the smell of fish that comes from the vaginal discharge, indicates serious disturbances in the sexual system and the presence of diseases. It can be vaginosis, chlamydia, etc. These problems are important to solve in time with the help of a doctor.

Many people think that nails do not smell. Of course, the nails themselves do not smell at all if the hands are clean. But sometimes you can see not very pleasant smell, which comes from under the nail. This indicates a fungal infection. It is necessary to conduct treatment, observe personal hygiene, then such a symptom will quickly disappear without a trace and consequences.

Each of us has its own special smell,Which we do not feel, since we are accustomed to it. So do not smell the perfume of women who use the same brand for a very long time. This smell becomes something self-evident until it starts to bother us. The body signals us that it needs to be examined and treated, if you respond to such signals on time, there will be no consequences.
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