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Why does my head hurt?

Let's look at this problem deeper. Why does the headache? Why do muscles strain? Together with stress, he plays not the main role, it's our own fault. We accept the "forbidden" pose for the head. If we try to avoid parasitic movements and postures, we will suffer much less from headaches. And now consider the movements and poses.

1. Try not to press your chin to your chest - then when you lie, when you stand, read, watch TV. In no case should the chin be a support.

2. Try to sleep on a comfortable pillow, it should be neither low nor high, so that the cervical spine does not bend, but remains straight.

3. When sitting do not slouch, do not lean on the armrests. When the shoulders rise high, the muscles of the scalp and neck tighten.

4. When working at a computer and while reading, do not sit for a long time with a tilted head. Take pills for cough.

5. When you are angered or worried, do not wrinkle your forehead, and do not frown your brows.

Do not try to grab the pills immediately. A walk in the open air, a warm bath, physical warming of the muscles of the neck and muscles of the upper shoulder girdle, self-massage of the muscles of the forehead, the temple, the back of the neck can help. Before going to bed, drink warm milk with honey, sweet tea with motherwort, melissa, valerian, all this will give you muscle relaxation, and as a result - getting rid of the headache. If it does not help, then you should take an analgesic, but in order that a person is not accustomed to the drug, you need to take it, not more often 1-2 times a week.

Migraine. The head aches, the pain pulsates. Often the pain is very intense, accompanied by nausea. The attack lasts from 4 hours to 3 days. If not a severe attack of pain, take aspirin, paracetamol, nurofen. With severe pain, tryptans, a developed group of drugs against migraines, help. Occurs because of overwork, eating smoked foods, chocolate, spices, hard cheese varieties, sparkling and red wines, also occurs due to lack of sleep. You need to use vasodilating drugs, such as euphyllin, no-shpa and others.
With severe pain, a group of drugs against migraine has been developed, tryptans help.

You should consult a neurologist about a migraine and remember that a headache can be a sign of a more serious other illness.

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