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Appendicitis and its manifestations

Appendicitis and its manifestations begin to disturbFor a number of reasons. The inflammation is caused by closing the lumen of the appendix with layers of thick mucus; To the closure of the hole can lead and kinks of the appendix, thrombosis of the vessels that give him food, dysbiosis, trauma to the abdomen.

Appendicitis can be acute and chronic. In acute inflammation, a sharp continuous pain begins first in the upper part of the abdomen, which is then localized in the lower abdomen to the right, but can be concentrated in the navel region, and given in the back. The pain is especially worse if you lie on your left side. There is nausea, vomiting, dry mouth, gradually rising body temperature. To the manifestation of inflammation is also diarrhea (in children) and stool retention (in adults).

For a long time, doctors diagnosed inflammationBlind process manually, by apparent manifestations of pain. If you press on the lower right side of the abdomen and quickly release, the pain will increase. Using this method, it is easy to put the wrong diagnosis. And yet it is believed that by removing a healthy appendicitis, the harm to health will be less than if the patient has not been removed.

But there were also much more reliable methodsDiagnostics. Survey radiography, which is more often done for children, in order to identify possible clogging of the appendix hole with a stony stone. The appearance of a thickening or edematous process, as well as the process of inflammation, is detected using ultrasound. The image of the inflamed process, as well as changes in the tissues of the intestine and peritoneum, will be obtained by computed tomography. Inspection of the entire abdominal cavity is performed with laparoscopy.

Despite the fact that appendicitis belongs to the numberNot complex operations, rehabilitation after which passes rather quickly and complications as a rule do not cause, but if you do not remove the acute appendicitis in time, this can have very serious consequences up to a lethal outcome. If you do not perform the operation, then appendicitis can easily go to the same chronic or purulent form.
In chronic appendicitis, a person experiencesModerate pain, and sudden inflammation does not occur. With a purulent form, the pain becomes simply not bearable, in this case, delay in carrying out the operation even for a day can have the most serious consequences, up to peritonitis (inflammation of the membrane that covers the inner surface of the abdominal cavity and organs in it).
But the most dangerous (but rare) complication of appendicitis is sepsis, i.e. Infection of the blood, when the bacteria enter the blood and are transferred to other organs.

As for the operation to remove the soreAppendicitis, then today two methods are used. The first, classical, operation, conducted under general anesthesia or local anesthesia, while the doctor finds the beginning and end of the appendix and removes it. The operation lasts about 15-20 minutes, minus such a surgical intervention - a scar that remains on the body. The second type, endoscopy, in which there will be no large scar. The appendix is ​​removed using an endoscope, and the entire operation is monitored by a doctor on the screen.

Obviously, inflamed appendicitis requiresRemoval. The manifestation of the disease will progress with every hour, the pain will only increase. Even if the disease turns into a chronic form, the once inflamed blind process will certainly make itself felt after a while. If you assume that the inflammation of appendicitis begins and its manifestation becomes pronounced, do not waste time in the hope of self-healing, this will not happen! Immediately call an ambulance. In the expectation of a doctor, do not attempt self-medication. The maximum that can be done is a cold compress to the stomach, if the pain is very painful. You can not drink no-shpa and analgesics, tk. This will make it difficult to identify the disease pattern. In no case can warm a sore spot, this is dangerous and can lead to rupture of the blind process. Before the doctor can not be drunk and eat.

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