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The most reliable methods of contraception

When choosing contraceptives, we take into account several criteria: reliability, consequences of use, ease of use.
The least reliable natural methodsProtection: interrupted sexual intercourse, douching, calculation of safe days. Such methods are not just not always effective, but they can protect at best only from unwanted pregnancy, but not from infections. Little is also effective in the hope that when breastfeeding a woman can not become pregnant. Often, the first eggs begin to mature before the first menstruation.

The most reliable method of contraception is manyConsider a condom. It is most effective and acceptable for nulliparous women who make love occasionally. But here again it is not necessary to talk about 100% protection. A torn, incorrectly put on or removed condom will let you down. But at the same time, this remedy is the only protection against genital infections.

For women who already have children, but in the futureThe possibility of pregnancy and childbirth is not excluded, and age is already approaching 35, preference can be given to such methods as contraceptive suppositories, cream, tablets. The difficulty is that such contraception gives only a short-term effect (2 hours) and does not begin to act immediately. And only after 10-15 minutes. So the reliability of such a tool is very limited by time intervals.

Another classic method is oralContraceptives. They can rightly be considered the most reliable methods of contraception, provided all the rules of use are observed. But the risk of 1-2% still remains. In addition, in the protection against sexual infections, they also will not help.
A reliable tool for preventingAn unwanted pregnancy can be considered such an emergency contraceptive method as taking a pill with a high proportion of hormones for 12 (72) hours after the sexual act. The guarantee of protection against unwanted pregnancy is also almost 100%, but here are the side effects ... taking such medications is a significant shake-up for the body, and it can respond to you with severe bleeding and malfunctioning of the menstrual cycle. Therefore, such a tool can not be called optimal and used regularly (doctors do not recommend using it more often than once every six months).

If a woman is over 40, and she has already given birth to children, thenA reliable and convenient method for her may be the use of an intrauterine hormone spiral. But this method of protection is permissible only for women giving birth, and there should be no contraindications: erosion, inflammation, abortion, as well as plans for pregnancy in the future. The hormonal spiral shortens the duration and abundance of critical days, but the first three weeks, until the body does not return to normal, will have to refrain from sexual relations.

Not only a woman, but also a man shouldParticipate in the protection of unwanted pregnancy. The most common way is to simply not refuse to use a condom that is not so beloved by many. The second, but least reliable - interruption of sexual intercourse. A very radical method is bandaging of the seminiferous tubules. In recent years, tests have been developed and actively conducted on volunteers for male oral contraceptives. So it is possible that in the near future, the responsibility of using contraceptives will pass from fragile female shoulders to men.

The most reliable methods of contraception are those thatSuitable for the woman's age, health and her way of life. And remember that regarding the use of many drugs, a preliminary consultation with a gynecologist is necessary.
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