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Patterns for pregnant women with their own hands: from magazines, from the magazine "Burda", for beginners to sew

A new life develops within the body of a woman, and inIt is a lot of changes, ranging from daily routine and thinking, ending with appearance and wardrobe. If the pants no longer converge on the rounded waist - this is not an excuse to deny yourself stylish solutions. It is only necessary to show a little zeal and creativity, as the pregnant girl's wardrobe will be replenished with exclusive novelties, without requiring large financial investments. And that the flight of fantasy was more fruitful, you can push away from existing design ideas.

Photo of dresses, sarafans for pregnant women

Traditionally, many women try to maximizeHide the rounded shape, but the changes in the figure of the pregnant girl today are considered very feminine and attractive. Nevertheless, you can meet fans of modest and fairly modern dresses for pregnant women, long and short.

In the early stages, at the first pregnancy or just with a small tummy, free models will do.

After, when the tummy is seen more strongly, it is necessary to acquire special bows that do not restrict comfort in everyday life.

Pregnancy is not an excuse to give up secular life, family holidays and cultural entertainment. So, in the wardrobe of every future mother should be elegant dresses.

If the holidays with a dress code for you a rarity,You can make an excellent move with a knight and choose a dress, that is called, "and in a feast, and in the world, and in good people." Such models in different surroundings, with different accessories and hairdo, will, like a chameleon, change their purpose: then office, then elegant, then everyday.

Patterns of dresses for pregnant women with their own hands

Exclusive models are not necessarilyOrder in expensive atelier - having a sewing machine at home you can sew them yourself. And the most difficult thing that is in sewing - building patterns - is easiest to entrust to professionals who share their developments in the network or specialized magazines, such as "Burda". Find hints for beginners or download patterns for free on the Internet or in collections of old sewing magazines. We will try to choose the most valuable of them.

Step-by-step description on sewing dresses for pregnant women

Those who have already read in Burda magazine or other sources about the principles of drawing patterns know that, as a rule, they are built on some basis.

Therefore, we will take as a basis the classical model and make some additions to it that will make the dress as comfortable as in the photo:
  1. We close the dart on the chest, but we carry it to the waist region.
  2. Scraping the skirt is increased by 6 cm.
  3. To the front part also add 7 cm from the side.
Now, in addition to the basic model, draw a triangular insert with a length of AB and a width of 30 cm, somewhat rounded downwards.
For the construction of the back of the dress, be guided byBy illustrating, extending the bottom from the edge to the center by 10 cm and rounding it. After that, you should draw a line in the picture and carefully cut the back part on it, laying it on the crease of 6 cm. Separately measure the obtacks for the slits for the hands and neck from the back.

Now it's up to you to transfer pieces of pattern. We need to measure and draw in full size the following:
  • Front parts X 2;
  • Spinning parts X 2;
  • Front insertion X 1;
  • Ottachki armholes for the arms and neck for the back and front parts (they should be strengthened by winding).
Important! Do not forget to leave a stock of 1.5 cm for all seams, and 2 cm for a hem file.

Now is the time when the patternWill turn into clothes - a dress or a sarafan. To the front elements, carefully insert the insert, and we process the stocks for the seams. On the spinning parts we lay the folds, we weak the shoulders and sides of the dress.

The important point - on your back you need to sew in an inconspicuousSecret zipper. As a rule, it is placed in the center, in the middle seam - this is convenient for the future mother, and is not striking. Rather, the clasp is located on the side at hand, but this threatens deformation of the entire model, and now we will not consider this option.
The option chosen by us is convenient for those who are just starting to try to sew themselves, because it involves working with an open seam. How to sew a secret zipper secretly:
  • We process the edges of parts with the help of an overlock;
  • If desired, we strengthen the edge with an oblique blind;
  • With chalk, we mark the line of stitching of lightning on the inside of the fabric with an allowance of not more than 1.5 cm;
  • Allowance is turned away and a little smoothed by hand, but not ironed;
  • We put a zipper in the open view on the seam of the part so that the denticles are exactly on the edge of the fabric;
  • Checking the exact matching of the edge of the fastener and the edge of the pattern, you can sew a zipper and test its work - with full compliance with the instruction, it should be virtually invisible in the seam.
Now it's behind the armholes and the throat. We cut it out in advance, processed by winding and overlock overlock, and now they can be sewn to ready cuts. Fold the dress and obtachki face and prishachivaem, remembering that the allowance for the seam should be no more than 1.5 cm. Unscrew the sewn parts and make a fixing stitching of 0.5 cm from the edge.
Now you need to process the bottom of the dress. Depending on the fabric, you can do this in two ways: an overlock and a jig or a double jig. After the dress should be washed and ironed, and you can enjoy a new outfit, not constraining the movements!
More ideas and visibility you will find in the video:
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We sew on a pillow for a pregnant woman

Separate conversation deserves a pillow for pregnant women. This invaluable accessory gives future mothers such comfort, which can not be compared with anything.

So, we sew pillows for pregnant women:
  1. We cut out two details according to the figure in full size.
  2. Sew them on the wrong side with an allowance for 2 cm edges and compulsory treatment with an overlock, leaving a hole of 10 cm.
  3. We turn the resulting bag on the front side and fill it, if desired, with sintepon or polystyrene beads.
  4. Sew the hole in the bottom of the pillow with a double seam.
Enjoy a comfortable stay and coziness!

Tips for beginners to sew by pattern

The same pattern, if applied to itA little imagination, will help to sew a lot of different clothes: dress, sarafan, skirt and so on. For a sarafan, you just need to trim the top part, replacing it with straps or simply placing the elastic on the cut; The skirt will require only the bottom of the pattern. Of course, using one classic option, it will not be possible to implement fundamentally different tasks, for example, to sew a dress in Greek style, but, nevertheless, there are many options.
In any case, in the same "Burda" you can find several basic variations of the patterns, and your clothes will be surprisingly diverse.
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