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Future mums, health, lifestyle

1. Never do self-medication.

2. Do not ignore bad health and do not expect that the illness will pass by itself.

3. Keep a healthy active lifestyle.

The best prevention for you will not be visiting crowded places during the epidemic. If you eat on transport or go to a polyclinic put on a gauze bandage.

Studies were conducted in which they found out,That at pregnant women the hormone cortisol which promotes antiallergic actions is developed. Pregnant women have allergies very rarely. But sometimes they can be allergic to pollen on animal hair. To avoid allergies, do not come into contact with an allergen.

If you have weakness, dizziness,Frequent heartbeats, you probably have anemia. When anemia occurs, the amount of oxygen decreases, and nutrients in the blood decrease. Almost every pregnant woman encounters this. Prevention of this disease is best, there are in the middle of pregnancy a lot of meat, dairy products, apples, cheese.

Future moms often face a headache. Basically, the headache comes from a strong tension, but after the 25th week it completely disappears. You must listen to your feelings. If the headache is light, you can do a head and neck massage. You may also have a migraine. It can be associated with pressure changes, stress, allergies, toxicosis or insomnia. We advise you to lie down in a dark ventilated room and try to relax or try to sleep.

Also, a future mother can get foodpoisoning. Symptoms, of course, you all know, it's a pain in the stomach, diarrhea, vomiting. Always the future mother should pay attention to what she uses for food. Never eat stale or suspicious foods. Do not visit dining rooms or restaurants, it is best to prepare meals at home yourself.

We hope in our article under the title, futureMums health lifestyle, we were able to disclose and prevent various symptoms of diseases. Future moms, pay close attention to your health!
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