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Massage for the head

Massage is a healing and strengthening action,It stimulates blood circulation and supplies the scalp and hair with oxygen and nutrients. After the head massage, the vessels and capillaries expand rapidly, and the blood corpuscles approach the walls of the vessels, closing the lumens in them.

Massage can enhance activitySkin-hair device of a person and it is recommended to do to those people who have dry scalp, and who suffers from dandruff. Such a massage for the head needs to be done vigorously. Do massage 2 times a week before washing your head, and it should last 10 or 15 minutes.

There are 4 receptions of competently performed massage. Movements should be either pushing, or circular, stroking or vibrating. Any massage should begin with stroking movements. This movement should be done with the palms of your hands without a strong push. The main thing is that your hands during this movement do not rub the scalp, but slowly shift it. This massage is very important for your head, as it calms the nervous system.

Vibrating movements a person should do without lifting his hands from the surface of the skin. The strength of the movements can be different. You can also apply abrupt blows, rhythmically following one another.

Circular movements need to be done by bendingPalms, and fingers slightly arranging. The main thing is that your movements are not sliding. Do not aim for your fingers to move with a large amplitude, it is best to massage one place of the head and smoothly go to another area of ​​the skin. So as not to rub the scalp, you do not need to press it hard against the skull, and then move it aside with light movements. This kind of massage will bring you great benefits.

Pusher movements are necessary for softeningSkin. The position of your hands is the same as in circular motions. The only difference is the movement of the fingers from one place to another after each push. You can also change the distance between your fingers.

We hope that our advice will teach you how to properly massage your head.
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