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Top-4 fashion winter ski suits 2016-2017

It's time for winter holidays - just around the corner. So, it's time to plan a trip to these very mountains, which in winter are beautiful as ever. And without a ski suit here can not do. Let's talk about the most relevant trends in the ski season in the winter of 2016-2017. Fashion legislators for ski suits, the world-famous French brand Moncler, built sports equipment for winter sports in the rank of high art. So the light appeared ski suits in the noble print "goose paw", flared pants and fur details on ski jackets.

Ski suits Moncler - a real find for fans of active winter recreation

Bright and color-block jackets are perfectly combined withSnow-white ski pants. This color combination is not only fashionable, but also very practical. It is thanks to a bright jacket that the risk of merging with the snow cover and being unnoticed by other skiers is minimal.

Ski suits of bright colors - fashion trend of winter 2016-2017

Metallic color - a trend that is relevant not only forEveryday things, but also for sportswear. In winter 2016-2017 ski suits in golden and silvery tones will make a real sensation at the famous ski resorts.

Gold and silver are in perfect harmony with the snow-white mountain peaks

A classic black and white combination is thatYou need athletes who value style and elegance. Black and white ski suits - more than just suits for winter recreation. This is also the very fashionable "zest", which even on vacation will allow a woman to feel irresistible and elegant.

Monochrome scale - a choice of stylish skiers

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