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6 books for teenagers

The most notorious and popular works for the younger generation

Want your child to read books, andNot sitting on the Internet and gadgets? Here are the 6 best works that will definitely entice him and make you think about what is love, betrayal, real friendship and mutual help.

Francis Hardin, "Fly by Night"

This is an exciting detective story thatIt unfolds in the Broken Kingdom, remotely resembling England of the eighteenth century. Twelve-year-old orphan Mosh Mai flees from his native city to the capital of the kingdom Mandelion, accidentally having set fire to his uncle's mill. Her companion is a poet, adventurer and spy Ebonymy Clent. Moshka and Clent do not trust each other, but, being in the center of a large-scale struggle for power, they are forced to conduct an investigation together to survive. Robbers and thieves, conspirators and smugglers, a crazy duke and his intriguing sister are just a small part of the dangerous people with whom the main characters will face ...

Francis Harding, "Bad Hour"

This is the continuation of the book Fly by night. This time Moshka again looks for adventure. And she finds them together with her friend - a poet, a swindler and a deceitful Eponimiy Klentom. The action of the book is so violent, the plot is so twisted that it is impossible to come off.
Moshka and Clent learn that the scoundrels have stolenBeautiful Luchezaru, daughter of the Mayor of Pobor. They go to Porcelain to help their beloved girl ... Only now Poble is not a simple city. There are day and night residents here, there are Day and Night Picks. And when the night is approaching, an evil black carriage drives out into the streets, and the good people of the Day City tremble with fear behind the closed doors of their houses.
Moss, risking their lives, goes to the Night Pursuit forKidnapped by the daughter of the mayor. But the question is, is it necessary for the daughter of the mayor to be rescued? And who will save Moshka, who can forever remain in the Night City and never again see the sunlight?

ABC Truths

A book for smart teenagers who want to think and draw conclusions!
Thirty-three modernAuthors, owners of significant names for Russian culture, about thirty-three different philosophical and ethical concepts. Each of the concepts corresponds to one of the letters of the Russian alphabet.
We offer you, dear readers,To get acquainted with the opinions of these people, sufficiently authoritative in our opinion, to take them into consideration, agree in some ways, argue with something, surprise something ... One can promise firmly - it will not be boring!
  • 33 letters of the alphabet.
  • 33 high-profile names of Russian culture.
  • 33 concepts, without which life is indispensable.

Paul Gallico. "White Goose"

"I'm not a real writer" - the author said about himself. Paul Gallico was a military correspondent, after the war traveled a lot and lived in different countries for a long time, he was married four times and, apart from his wives and children, he loved fencing, fishing in the ocean and animals: twenty-three cats and a dog lived in his house. But most of all he liked to tell. For almost eighty years of his life he wrote more than forty books. And forty more scenarios. Russian readers know "Tomasina", "Jenny" and "Flowers for Mrs. Harris" in beautiful translations NL Trauberg, and movie lovers - "The Adventures of Poseidon" and "Mad Laurie". But it was the "White Goose" that remained the most famous book of Paul Gallico.
"White Goose" - a story about love and war,Written in 1941 and received the prestigious O. Henry Award, was translated into many languages ​​and won the hearts of readers of all continents. You hold in your hands the 300th edition - the first in Russian.

Alan Marshall. "I can jump over puddles"

The most famous part of the autobiographical trilogyAlan Marshall "I know how to jump through puddles" has won the recognition of readers around the world, having sustained a lot of publications in different languages. In our country this book has been repeatedly reprinted, but in the last decade it has been undeservedly forgotten. And now, after a long break, Russian readers can again enjoy this wonderful book in their native language. Opening the book, we begin to learn the story of an ordinary Australian schoolboy, who is used to jumping and running, dreaming of becoming an excellent rider, like his father. But suddenly he turns out to be chained to a hospital bed, and then to crutches. However, the word "cripple" seems to Alan to refer to anyone, but not to him. His courage, strength of mind and faith in justice help him overcome his illness. Crutches will not disappear, but he will not allow them to influence their lives. He will ride horses, hunt rabbits with other boys and even receive a college scholarship in the capital.

Robert Lewis Stevenson "Treasure Island"

A wonderful classic adventure novel,Which often you want to re-read, and all is not enough time ... Perhaps this edition will not leave you indifferent or your children. In the book "Treasure Island" you will find the text of the novel in the classical translation, beautiful illustrations, as well as a lot of very interesting additional materials, designed in the form of charts, tables, frames, notes and maps that help to better understand the novel and the epoch described in it; Author, as well as learn about the most unexpected things that can be useful to you and now. Thanks to our mini-encyclopedias, your children and yourself, dear parents, will become real scholars!
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