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Tips for conceiving a child

The preparatory diet includes: meat, any nuts, vitamin E, succinic acid (it improves the overall metabolism). This nutrition increases the mobility of the sperm.

In addition, before the man goes to bedFor conception, he must refrain from sexual intercourse for 2 to 3 days. Abstinence is necessary so that the necessary volume of spermatozoa accumulates and that sperm have time to ripen. To prove to their patients the necessity of abstinence, specialists usually cite the case known in the sexological practice. The American married couple suffered infertility for a long time. It turned out that the desire to have a child was so great that they worked on it two or three times a day. After the doctor forbade them to deal with excess, hypersexual Americans managed to conceive a child.

Rule two. Sexual intercourse for the purpose of conception should beSingle! The first intercourse is the most decisive. All other moments are really only a pleasure. There is a scientific explanation for this. During the first sexual intercourse, there is the highest concentration of spermatozoa. After it, the concentration decreases by a factor of 2. And then, as experts joke, there will be only one water.

The third rule. As soon as an ejaculation has occurred, the penis should immediately leave the vagina, so as not to splash the puddle of sperm. Then the probability of conception will be much higher.

(Incidentally, this same rule must be followed and on another occasion - if a man has some kind of inflammation, the extra time spent in the vagina will increase the risk of infection of a woman.)

Rule four. If you really want to have a baby, preferably inThe time of sexual intercourse the woman before orgasm does not bring. The fact is that with an orgasm the cervix is ​​raised, and spermatozoa, like climbers, will have to conquer this peak, and to go the extra way, as is known, even men do not like.

If the sexual act is carried out without orgasm, the cervixThe uterus remains in place, a puddle of sperm easily covers the entrance to it, and the spermatozoa freely penetrate inside. However, some women assure sexologists that they became pregnant at the peak of mutual ecstasy with a sexual partner. But this is just their personal fantasies. In such cases, experts, chuckling, just shrug their shoulders: they say, lucky, and thank God.

The fifth rule. It is very important for the conception to choose the right time. Usually in the middle of the cycle the woman is more prolific. At this time, the egg ripens. The days can be calculated from the basal temperature, which is measured, as is known, in the anus. In addition to two days of ovulation (maturation of the female egg), they are considered fertile for conception 5-6 days before it - so many days the sperm lives waiting for the "bride", and all this time he is capable.

Within 6 days after ovulation, you can also become pregnant, since the female ovum remains active throughout this time.

Previously, many religions stipulated time,Categorically forbidden sex life. Usually, the ban was 7 days after menstruation. The custom was strictly observed: a woman was required to present a clean sheet, which meant the end of the month. And this was the starting point of the forbidden time. Therefore, the peak of sexual life was in the middle of the cycle, when the probability of conception was the highest. Thus, religion strictly and categorically instructed women to become pregnant. However, there are cases when a woman became pregnant during menstruation. Experts consider this a malfunction in the cycle.

Rule six. Before intercourse, a woman would be niceSyringe with soda. The fact is that often she has an inflammation, which she does not even suspect. Because of it, an acidic environment is formed, which is very harmful to the health of spermatozoa - they simply die in it. Soda neutralizes the acidic environment. Do not be afraid of douching, because, even if there is no inflammation, a weak solution of soda will not hurt anyone.

The seventh rule. After the ejaculation occurred, fromMen are already very few things that depend. Then everything depends on the woman. She must lie down, and do not jump right off the bed, even if you really want to take a shower.

By the way, you also need to be able to lie. With the usual location of the uterus and neck, the woman should lie on her back, pressing her knees to her chest. In the event that she has a bend in the uterus, then you need to lie on your stomach. In this position, the neck can be immersed in a puddle of sperm.

There are cases when a gynecologist's advice is required. For example, if a woman has inflammation of the appendages, the cervix can turn to the side, and to which it is determined only by the doctor. Then, after intercourse, lie on the side where the cervix looks.

Rule eighth. It is very important for conception to choose the right pose. Among them there are those that contribute to pregnancy, and vice versa. True choice in favor of pregnancy is small: - it should be a classic pose, that is, in a prone position. Standing pregnant is extremely difficult: the entire liquid will simply pour out. In general, all non-classical postures are of little use for pregnancy. Well, for pleasure you can choose whatever you like.

There are exceptions to this rule. If a woman has a bend in the uterus, then the sexual act should be performed in a "behind" posture. Lying on his stomach or leaning on his knees - does not matter.

Rule ninth. After sexual intercourse you need to completely relax,From all to renounce. And such a detached-exalted state to preserve the next two or three days. If this does not work out and the woman will be waiting, in a restless, nervous state, it is better to take valerian.

Experts advise to remain in a stateEuphoria is not accidental. This is necessary so that there is no violation of the contractile activity of the fallopian tubes. They are known to promote the sperm to the destination. If the potential mom is overly worried, the tubes are improperly contracted and do not promote the sperm. The consequences can be unpleasant: either there will not be a long-awaited - fertilization, or there will be an ectopic pregnancy.

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