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Folk treatment of influenza, cough, throat, nose, bronchitis


There are proven folk remedies that help us resist such an insidious disease as the flu. Here's one of them.
In the jar put crushed crusts of ten lemons and four tablespoons horseradish gruel. Fill all this with half a liter of dry grape wine and stand one or two weeks.
Drink infusion of 50 g three to four times a day for 20 minutes before meals. Apply and at high temperature.


You need to take one lemon and boil it in a smallThe amount of water on low heat is not more than ten minutes. Then take it out, cut it in half, squeeze the juice, add two tablespoons of glycerin and mix it thoroughly.
The resulting mixture is transferred to a beaker and topped up with honey.
Take a teaspoon a day. If cough is severe, increase the number of receptions to four - a teaspoon in the morning, before dinner, after dinner and at night. As the cough becomes weaker, the number of techniques decreases.


Try this recipe.
Rub onion, squeeze out half a glass of juice from it. Add to this onion juice two tablespoons of honey, stir well.
On the tweezers tightly wind the bandage and secure with a thread. Bint moisten in onion ointment and 2-3 times lubricate the throat. Then dip 2 mustard plasters in it and attach them to the soles, wrap your feet with woolen scarves or scarves. Keep the mustard for an hour. It is very good to drink at this time infusion of lime flowers or black elderberry.


Do you have a runny nose, coughing? In this case, grind 150 gr of horseradish on a grater and add to it two milled together with peel of a lemon.
The received mixture take on a teaspoon two times a day on an empty stomach. In five to seven days, all the signs of a cold will disappear.
This mixture can be taken for prevention.


Recipe for children: Cut the black radish into small cubes, put in a saucepan and sprinkle with sugar. Bake in oven for 2 hours. Strain, discard pieces of baked vegetable, and pour the liquid into a bottle. Give 2 tsp 3-4 times a day before meals and at night before bedtime.

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