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Therapeutic diet for colds

In this case, you do not need to starve. You must observe two rules: a lot and often drink (up to 3-3.5 liters per day) and do not eat meat, fish, eggs and milk. But you can pamper yourself with fried potatoes, pies with vegetable or mushroom filling, pancakes and baked apples or jam ... Vegetables, fruits, greens, beans, mushrooms in any form, nuts, soy products, cereals and all sorts of salads - Lean week if desired can be nourishing and tasty. By the way, with this diet is useful dry white wine. But it is better to replace coffee and strong black tea with compotes and fruit drinks from cranberries, cranberries, black currant and dogrose. Twice a day, in the intervals between meals, take 4-5 tablets of activated charcoal.

Starting a lean week is best on FridayIn the evening, and in a Russian bath. A good steam room with a birch or juniper broom will enhance metabolic processes, stimulate the work of the liver and lungs, and adjust the body to an active purifying regime. After a steam room it is useful to drink a glass of cranberry mors. End the unloading week, too, need a bath. And the next Saturday you will feel cheerful and healthy.

So, we build a weekly diet.

. They must necessarily include porridge -Rice, Hercules on the water, millet with pumpkin, buckwheat with fried onions ... A good alternative is oatmeal jelly. Add a small bowl of any vegetable salad dressed with vegetable oil, lemon juice or low-fat yogurt.

Drink unsweetened coffee or tea with a spoon-two jams.
LUNCH. For a snack - certainly a salad. Every day the ingredients should be different: apples with rutabaga and celery, beets with prunes, cabbage with carrots and lemon rind ... At first - a small cup of any home-made vegetarian soup; If you are accustomed to eat with bread, it is better to replace it with a baked patty with cabbage, rice or mushrooms. Choose the second dish to your liking, the main thing is that it does not have meat. For dessert - baked apple or compote.

The same applies to DINNERS. In addition to the main dish (for example, potatoes in a uniform with salted mushrooms or cabbage rolls with rice and mushrooms), please yourself with a floral or black tea with candied fruits or jam.

Snack during the day is bestDried fruits and nuts. The seventh day will have to tighten the belt. During the day - only water and berry fruit. In the evening - a bath with kvass, horseradish and mint. For dinner - baked fish with potatoes and a green salad with sour cream.


The best winter vitamin - fish oil, rich in polyunsaturated fatty acidsAcids. They normalize metabolic processes and are the best prevention of atherosclerosis and decrease of immunity. Folk wisdom says: fish oil should be drunk in those months, in the name of which there is the letter "p", that is, from September to April, and modern nutritionists agree with this. It is better to take the drug not in capsules, but in liquid form - along a dessert spoon in a day. It's not so tasteless, as many have remembered from childhood: today they release fish oil even with the aroma of lemon and orange.

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