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Buckwheat diet on kefir: instruction and real reviews. Buckwheat diet for weight loss for 7 days: a menu for every day with kefir.

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Buckwheat diet options

Sending another cake in your mouth,Browsing the Internet pages about losing weight? Before my eyes hundreds of strange diets are bright - how to choose the most effective diets? We made a decision on this issue. Buckwheat diet is one of the most useful low-calorie diet schemes for rapid weight loss.

How does the buckwheat diet work at home?

It is known that the diet on buckwheat does no harmBody, and this porridge is fed since childhood. Out of curiosity, we took out the buckwheat groats for the molecules and found out what the porridge contains and why it helps to lose weight. So, here is a list of minerals and buckwheat vitamins:

  • Vitamins of group B: a large number of B1, B3 (PP), B6, B9
  • Vitamin E
  • Calcium, phosphorus
  • Potassium, magnesium
  • Iron, copper
  • Sodium
  • Iodine, zinc
  • Lecithin, rutin
  • Starch
  • Vegetable protein
  • Lipids (vegetable saturated fats)
  • Organic acids: lemon, maleic, sorrel
Girl on a buckwheat diet

Diet buckwheat with yogurt at times increases durabilityTo diseases, strengthens the walls of blood vessels and heart. It is recommended not only to combat obesity, but also doctors in the treatment of atherosclerosis, diabetes, problems with the intestines and stomach.

Can I lose weight on buckwheat? Certainly! 100 grams of dry cereals contain only 313 kcal, and 100 g of steamed porridge in water about 90 kcal, with a piece of butter - up to 113 kcal. At the same time, 86% of the nutrients are consumed by the body for good, without being put off by the fatty layer. So vegetable protein consists entirely of essential amino acids - buckwheat kernels are equated even with meat. And saturated vegetable fats are completely spent on maintaining normal BJU, while they take 2.5 g of 3.3 grams of lipids per 100 g of buckwheat. Due to this composition buckwheat diet for weight loss reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood, accelerates metabolism and clears fatty plaques on the walls of blood vessels. The addition of kefir to the diet plan positively affects the gastrointestinal tract - restores the normal microflora, levels the pH of the gastric juice, helps digest food and participates in fat burning. Plus, kefir is a protein.

Ingredients for buckwheat diet

However, due to the high content of trace elements and certain vitamins, nutritionists do not recommend dieting for more than 7 days.

We mentioned above that they have fed buckwheat since childhood. Do you know why? 18 amino acids, which are part of the core proteins, kill the radiation in the body, cleanse toxins and activate growth! Incredibly useful porridge.

Buckwheat diet: instructions for losing weight

Let's talk about how to properly cook buckwheat for weight loss and kefir.

Choice of cereals

On the supermarket shelves are sold two types of yadrits: Green and brown. They say that the former are better, but their superiority is insignificant, and the price is an order of magnitude higher. You can not fork out for green cereals, safely take the usual brown buckwheat.


  • Green cereal contains more fiber and vegetable fibers, as it did not succumb to roasting. Suitable for germination. It has a neutral taste. Harder to digest.
  • Brown porridge was heat treated forBetter preservation because of what received such a shade. Naturally, the amount of fiber has decreased somewhat, but continues to lead among other cereals. The inherent distinct taste. Easy to digest.

Choosing yogurt

It is not known why the overwhelming number of sites about diet writes that use Only 1% kefir. This terrible misconception!! Therapists recommend a 2-2.5% fat content, the whole thingIn the acidity of gastric juice. 1% kefir is strongly acidic for the environment of the stomach, often causes inflammation, abdominal pain. If the girl has a gastritis with high acidity, and at all aggravates the disease, even to an ulcer.

2-2,5% is the optimal fat content. Believe me, an extra 1 gram of fat does not harm the figure in any way, especially on a diet. Nobody says to exclude 1% of yogurt at all, drink on health. But to sit on a weekly diet of buckwheat with kefir 1% - is prohibited.

In order not to worry about the state of the stomach and excess calories, buy 0% sour-milk product - an indisputable compromise.

Methods of cooking cereals for buckwheat diet

1st method:

  • We collect a full faceted glass of buckwheat and pour it into a hot dry pan / frying pan. Fry the corn to a ruddy golden color and lightly salt. Roughly speaking, fry the rump as a seed.
  • Now pour 500 ml of hot water and bring to a boil with an open lid. We put the fire to nothing.
  • We leave the porridge to languish with the lid uncovered for 10-15 minutes, until the water evaporates by 95%.
  • We remove from the plate, but not yet served on the table. We take a terry towel, a blanket and wrap the pan for 10 minutes, so that the croup finally softens and absorbed all the water.
  • Add 50 g of butter and serve!

2nd method:

For a diet this variant of preparation is often used, since the maximum of vitamins is stored.

  • We thoroughly rinse the rump under running water and scald with boiling water.
  • We put it on a hot pan and dry it a little until the shade changes. In parallel, boil the water kettle.
  • Pour the buckwheat into a saucepan and pour it with boiling water for 2/3.
  • We allocate a cozy place for porridge and we bathe in a wadded, woolen blanket for the night.
  • In the morning we drain excess water, but if you guessed with the amount, the porridge will absorb everything.

The third way, kefir:

The best method for a diet on kefir and buckwheat.

  • We thoroughly rinse the groats, select the spoiled nucleoli.
  • We put it in a saucepan and pour 0.5 liters of kefir.
  • We leave this mass for the night in the refrigerator or on the windowsill, if there is enough cool.
  • Not absorbed kefir will be like broth. Before eating, allow the porridge to warm to room temperature.

Buckwheat diet for weight loss for 7 days: a menu for every day

Fortunately for our subscribers, there are not only kefir and mono diets on buckwheat. Presenting a delicious diet for a week for rapid weight loss.

Buckwheat diet: Monday and Tuesday

Stewed buckwheat water is divided in a saucepan on aFour equal parts. This is our breakfast, afternoon tea, lunch and dinner. Eat with an interval of 3-4 hours. During the day we drink 6-8 glasses of clean water. Periodically make green tea, and preferably herbal collection.

Initially, the diet says that salt, pepper,Sweeten and eat something else these days, and in general a week, it is impossible. Brave in spirit maybe can hold this rule, but have you tried eating steamed buckwheat? This is hell, after one teaspoon, you hate it a month in advance. Well, what to say about 7 days of equally nasty feeding?

So we'll dilute the awful menu a littleDietary products that do not really affect the loss of weight. This is a small piece of butter 75% fat - 10 grams, a toast of bread with bran, a small pinch of salt in each serving. On snacks will go sour-sweet apples, for example, Semerinka. And in the fragrant herbal teas put a teaspoon of honey.

Note! Salt porridge at the time of cooking, I mean when steaming, it's impossible. So, the new diet of the diet is close to 850-900 calories per day! It does not even reach the lower permissible threshold of 1200 kcal, so do not force the psyche and taste buds.

Buckwheat diet: Wednesday and Thursday

Manipulation and the amount of buckwheat are all the same, butNow we introduce boiled and raw vegetables - beets, tomatoes, carrots, peppers, cucumbers. Not more than 200 grams per meal. Drinking water 2 liters a day is the daily diet rate. If desired, we add juices to the diet: apple, orange, tomato, plum, grapefruit, carrot and celery.

And of course yummy: prepare a carrot-apple salad dressed with melted honey - you'll lick the plate! A good smoothie will come from celery, apple and greens with a pinch of salt and ground pepper.

Buckwheat diet: Friday and Saturday

The diet takes a salad character. Usual porridge is eaten with a servant of vegetable salad, seasoned with lemon juice and a teaspoon of olive oil. Under the knife we ​​put tomatoes, sweet peppers, Peking cabbage, cucumbers, green onions, parsley, dill, carrots. It is useful to cook broccoli in egg batter and treat yourself once a day.

Buckwheat diet: Sunday

We are on the threshold of a new body! The scheme of buckwheat separation, drinking classical. But now you can eat curd, make coffee, tea with milk and quietly rejoice at the end of the week sprint on a diet!

Hurray, girls! All the big umnichki who passed this path and can boldly brag about the results in the comments to the article.

Buckwheat diet with kefir for weight loss: the classic menu

The most common variant of the diet is described in the methods of preparation - replace boiling water with kefir and pour for the night croup. Or so: we wash down a porridge on water with a glass of kefir - no more than 1 liter a day.

As a matter of fact it and all differences of a diet on kefir andBuckwheat. Remember that the package of open sour-milk product is not stored for more than three days in the refrigerator! Consumption of 1 liter of kefir for 24 hours does not save you from the drunk amount of water - 2 liters.

Buckwheat diet with kefir and fruit or berries

Let's add a bit of exotics to this diet. Buy a banana, raspberries, strawberries or kiwi. Crunch fruit or berries with a fork and add to the porridge with kefir - oh, what delicacy! You can sit on such a diet forever. And most importantly - how many useful substances the body receives, and not at all caloric.

Buckwheat diet for weight loss for 7 days: only real reviews

Our mailbox previously received many letters asking to describe this diet, reviews and recommendations, experienced such a diet. We'll find out what the girls shared.

Katya, 24 years old

Exactly a week I lost 6 kg 455 grams. I think that this is a good indicator. My weight before the diet was, oh how ashamed, 63 kilograms! With an increase of 160 cm, I was a real mammoth. But the diet helped me, although it is not easy to maintain. The first days broke down on sweet, salty, sour - in general for any tastes, except porridge from buckwheat. She also noticed weakness, which became stronger by the end of the day.

I found a way out: For breakfast ate 2-3 teaspoons of honey or took a pharmacy bar with hematogen. In the rest I ate vegetables. The calorie content of my food did not exceed 1000 kcal. Weight at first went badly, but about the fact that this is normal, I read the forum and calmed down. On the 4-5th day, as they say, poperlo! I threw off just 3 kg - jumped happy to the ceiling! )) In the early days it took 500-700 grams. Well, at the end of the weight was fixed. I already weigh 56 kg 545 grams. I changed two sizes of clothes and bra.

Photos before and after

Юлия, 31 years old, Ekaterinburg

The diet suited me. She sat down after childbirth and stood the classical scheme without anything but porridge. On the advice of a doctor, I bought a vitamin complex and drank only herbal teas, I also fell in love with ginger tea with lemon. He also burns fats and does not get sick.

In recent days, added dried fruits - dried apricots,Figs, raisins - and ate candied fruits. This did not affect weight loss, but my mood improved. I managed to lose 4.5 kilograms from 58 original ones. Weight before delivery was 49 kg. It seems to me that this is a normal figure, although I would like more for such tortures. But the girl did not fit the diet at all. Her hair fell! I think, because she did not drink any vitamins, nor herbal preparations, but ate one porridge.

Thank you for your letters!

It's time for the results: Buckwheat diet is a good and quick way to lose weight in 7 days. Every day, in addition to cereals, eat fruits, vegetables, honey, drink herbal teas and vitamin complexes. Only then is the diet really useful!

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