/ How to remove fatigue?

How to relieve fatigue?

I suggest several tips, the implementation of which does not require more than 20 - 25 minutes and will bring noticeable relief.

Returning home, take care of your feet - for surethey are tired. Pain in the legs is very bad for the mood. Approaching the house, we dream about how to quickly take off your shoes, throw off elastic pantyhose, walk barefoot or climb into soft slippers. So do it.

After that, it is better to go straight to the bathroomRoom, but if there is no strength, then initially take a comfortable horizontal position, raise your legs and lean against the wall at the maximum angle. Such a five-minute rest will cause the outflow of blood. As a result, fatigue in the legs will partially pass and you will feel some relief.

Foot contrast baths will take from you, too, notMore than five minutes. Baths improve blood circulation. Take two basins: with hot water - a temperature of about 40 ° C and cold water - no higher than 30 ° C. Dip your feet in hot water for a few seconds, then - into the cold. Repeat this procedure 3-4 times.

Just a hot foot bath forCalming the feet. Pour hot water into the basin. In the cooling water, top up hot water so that the temperature does not change. Add any herbs - chamomile, sage, lavender, valerian. Prepare the infusions of herbs as follows: two tablespoons of dry shredded herbs pour one liter of steep boiling water, insist at least thirty minutes, strain and add to warm water. Infuse herbs better in the morning, they should always be at hand. Tazik is better to put in the bathroom, that is, in a small enclosed space, which will quickly fill with flavored herbal pairs. Through the breath of herbs, the nervous system calms down. Passes fatigue. Forces appear. Do not take hot baths if you have varicose veins.

Good fatigue in the legs warm coniferous bath: 15 mg of pine extract and two tablespoons of sea or ocean salt, add to a deep water basin with a temperature of about 40 degrees.

If this day you are tired especially hard, take a bath. In the water add sea salt, pleasant to you flavors, infusions of herbs, which are prepared in the same way as for foot baths.

I personally like the bath with the addition of brothBay leaves. 6-8 laurel leaves pour cold water, bring to a boil and cook for at least twenty minutes. This infusion should be prepared in advance, it is stored for several days in the refrigerator, without losing its medicinal properties. Infusion can be added to the bath with sea salt or flavors. The water temperature should not be high - 37-38 degrees. Sitting in it is recommended not more than 5 minutes.

Perfectly removes the general muscle fatigueHot shower. If after that you decide to go to bed, then do not resort to a contrasting soul. If you need not only to remove fatigue, but also to restore efficiency, then the last stream of water should be cool. After water procedures, rub the body and especially carefully with a towel. Rub your feet with oil soft movements from the bottom up. The skin will become more elastic and tender.

Combating fatigue should be comprehensiveCharacter. Do not forget about the hands - they should also be put under a stream of hot water or put in the same tray as the legs. Hands at this time you can massage your feet from the fingers to the ankle. After the water treatment, apply a soft nourishing cream on your hands. So, you left the bathroom, already partially throwing off the unbearable burden of life.

Now it's time to devote a minute to relaxing the musclesFace. Put on the face and neck a vitamin mask. For this purpose, a grated cucumber or raw potatoes is best. Place the gruel on your face, previously steamed with a hot towel. Be sure to take a horizontal position with raised legs in a room with a slightly opened window. If you do not lay down with a mask, then your appearance, and consequently your well-being, can only get worse. There will be swelling under the eyes, and the entire face will become wrinkled. The purpose of this mask is to relieve muscle fatigue, and this is quite enough for several minutes. Then comb the hair with a massage brush or comb. Slow, uniform movements, from the roots of the hair to the ends. Brush should be with natural bristles, hairbrush - better wooden. The birch comb is the most healing, it is soft enough and is capable of giving the hair a lively shine.

Water procedures, mask and rest took aboutTen minutes. Now, start physical exercises for stretching the waist. Sit on the very edge of the chair, pull your legs forward, pull the legs toward you. Hands are raised upwards, palms - parallel to the ceiling, at right angles to the line of hands. Hands are laid back, as if for a head. On inhalation - stretch upwards, on exhalation - bend over the whole body to the toes, trying to reach with the head of the knees.

This exercise is enough to repeat three times. It will provide a massive flow of blood to the muscles of the torso.

The next exercise is to stretch the muscles of the neck,Ensuring free circulation of blood. It can be done in any position, but provided that the shoulders are pulled back, the head is lifted up, the chin is extended forward. The meaning of the exercise is to try to put your chin on the chest.

The last exercise is the inclination of the head toRight, then to the left shoulder. And, performing it, you should pull your shoulders down, and not raise them to your ears. And now you need to drink a vitaminized drink: a glass of juice, cranberry juice, infusion of dried fruits or just eat some juicy fruit. I would advise you to drink a glass of green tea. Large leaf green tea should be brewed immediately before use and not mixed with sugar, or honey, or with jam. A glass of freshly brewed green tea is an excellent tonic, a remedy for a depressed state.

If you prefer black tea and are prone to hypotension, you can drink a cup of black freshly brewed, but not strong tea with lemon and a teaspoon of cognac.

Now you have totally thrown off the fatigue accumulated for the day.

Author: Ksenia Larina Based on materials: Women's health

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