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Dietary food intake

Choose a place

If the choice of cafe / restaurant is given to you,Pay attention to establishments that specialize in national cuisine. So you at least somehow narrow the scope of the possible menu and will roughly imagine what you will be offered to eat. Better and healthier than all you will be fed in a Japanese or Spanish restaurant, but the most harmful and heavy food lives in sports bars, French and German eateries. Pay attention to the presence of the veranda (if you allow it to stay there allows the time of the year). Studies have shown that, while on the street, a person eats a little less than in the room.

The main thing - to have a snack

Remember, as a child, my mother forbade eating beforeLunch cookies and candy, so as not to spoil the appetite? Having matured, you can use her advice, just the opposite. Before you leave the house, eat 40 g of nuts or a sandwich with chicken fillet, vegetables and whole wheat bread. The energy value of such a "snack" is about 200 kilocalories, but by the time you get to your destination, cakes, pies, fat meat and other delights will not tempt you so much.

Drink with the Mind

First, never drink on an empty stomach. Getting into your stomach, the fluid dulls the body's ability to experience a sense of satiety, and your chances of overeaten are doubled.

Secondly, carefully choose the alcoholicMaking up your dinner. The safest ingredients are, strangely enough, vodka and tonic, tequila and citrus liquor (dark liqueurs, as a rule, contain more sugar than light ones). Evening norm - no more than 2 cocktails (300-350 ml): firstly, they are high in calories, and secondly, if you have a hangover for the morning, it will be much more difficult to cope with the appetite.

You can replace the cocktails with wine. This drink has such advantages as, for example, the content of antioxidants and benefits for the cardiovascular, sexual and endocrine systems. However, they should not get carried away: each glass contains about 100 kilocalories, although dry wine is slightly less caloric than sweet.

And most importantly, together with alcohol, do not forget to drinkSimple water. Drink a glass of mineral water before each cocktail to make up for the loss of moisture (alcohol contributes to dehydration) and fill the stomach with the least harmful liquid, and do not stuff it with food.

Share soup with a friend

If you still ordered something serious -Meat dish with garnish, casserole, fish, pasta and so on - try to follow the principle "try everything, do not eat anything." Pinch out there, here, even from the dish of your companion, but do not eat up. The feeling of satisfaction from the fact that you did not miss a single dish you do not know, you are guaranteed, but you will not eat much. Another method is always to leave the dish slightly underfed. One-time malnutrition will not greatly reduce calorie intake, but over a long period of loss will turn out to be colossal.

The wrong way in this case is to orderSome dietary meat or vegetables. You are wasting your time in vain, and when you get home, you surely make up for all the undernourished ones at the expense of your own refrigerator.

Do not shy away from dessert

The best variant of dessert is fruit salad. If you want something more interesting, order a cake or a cake with a decent amount of cream and fruits, eat the cream, and biscuit (or whatever your cake is made of) offer a neighbor. Sweet will provoke a feeling of satiety and "inform" your body that the meal is over.


Going on a date, offer your passionContinue the evening after the restaurant in a bowling club or just for a walk, to "shake" all the dialed. After a business meeting or a buffet table, walk to the nearest metro station instead of going by taxi or bus. And more: talk while eating. The more you are engaged in conversation, the less time you will eat.


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