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How to protect yourself from flu in the office

Wash your hands

The simplest way to ward off an infection -Observe the basic rules of hygiene. First of all, regularly and thoroughly wash your hands, and not only when you are going to have a snack at work. It is worth the sick colleague to sneeze or cough - the infected droplets can settle on your palms. And after that, it's not at all necessary to pull your hands in your mouth to get infected. It is enough to rub your eyes, scratch your nose or even put your fingers to your lips. You yourself will not notice how you carry the infection into your body. As shown by the research of Virginia Medical University, viruses are also perfectly transmitted through switches, door handles and handset phones.

Restrain emotions

In many companies, including professionalCollectives, there are certain traditions of greeting and farewell. Women symbolically kiss on the cheek, men consider it their duty to shake hands with every colleague of the stronger sex. So, during epidemics these customs are better to be neglected. In this way, you minimize physical contact with potential infected people.

Get vaccinated

Many Russians are categorically opposedInoculations against influenza. The main arguments are possible allergic reactions and not 100 percent guarantee of protection. But 100% guarantee you will not give any precaution, so believe me: vaccination is much better than nothing. In addition, if you fall ill after the vaccine, the disease will flow much easier and without complications.

Drink vitamins

Weakened immunity should be brought back toNorm. Drink multivitamins, eat plenty of vegetables, take banal ascorbic to replenish vitamin C. Proof that it will strengthen your protection against the flu, but the general correction of the body will not hurt you exactly.

Walk down the stairs

The best way to increase the body's resistanceViruses - to lead a healthy lifestyle. Ideally, this is a refusal to smoke, a balanced diet and sufficient physical activity. In the office version - walking on stairs, daily walks for 30 minutes, morning exercises and, of course, a good sleep of at least 8 hours a day.

Wear turtlenecks

When a person sneezes or coughs, the zoneInstant damage by microbes can reach up to 1.5 meters. And consequently, if you are sitting in front of someone who is not quite well, you are not very lucky. Of course, to come to work in a gauze dressing is too much, but you can put on a sweater or a turtleneck with a high collar. Moreover, the times are not warm. With an easy movement of the hand, you can pull the collar to your nose and at least somehow protect yourself from the infection.

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