/ What is papilloma?

What is papilloma?

If we take the external papilloma, then with itsAppearance can be felt for a small roughness or roughness. Often they can grow in size rather quickly, giving them a far less aesthetic appearance, and sometimes remain unobtrusive and, in general, do not interfere with life. The color of these growths varies from white and white-pink to dark-brown.

However, it is worth remembering that the papilloma is not soSafe, as it seems. Despite its good quality, it has the property of degenerating into a malignant, and the person himself can contribute a lot to this. How exactly? Yes it's very simple!

Man is peculiar: All that interferes, it is necessary to pick off, scratch, and this categorically can not be done with papillomas. And if they are not removed, then constant, sometimes accidental injury can lead to sad consequences, namely: the degeneration of a benign tumor into a malignant one.

To papillomavirus, and so it is called yThe most vulnerable are people with weakened immunity, those who abuse alcohol and smoke a lot lead a promiscuous sex life. In general, the best prevention will be putting things in order in their bodies.

In connection with the fact that papillomas still carry the riskDegeneration into a malignant formation, it is better with them, of course, not to live, but to remove from sight. Only it is worth noting that the removal does not mean completely getting rid of this infection. Infection in the body can wander for several years, and sometimes there are relapses and it is possible to re-discover on your body or on the mucous an unpleasant new growth.

However, do not engage in self-medication, I meanSelf-isolation. In no case should not bind the papilloma with strings and strings, try to cut them or rip them yourself. God forbid! The most that you can do yourself is to lubricate them with the juice of celandine, which is sold at the pharmacy. Only its effectiveness is questioned, but, nevertheless, the instructions for the use of celandine shows its use in order to get rid of papillomas and other varieties of warts.

If you find a papilloma is bestGo to a specialist - a dermatologist, who will approach this problem from a professional point of view, and, depending on where the papilloma is located and what it is, will send it to the removal.

Such surgical intervention is done under theLocal anesthesia. And for this it is not necessary to go to the hospital. Now this procedure is carried out in many beauty salons, its duration is 10-30 minutes (can vary depending on the method of removal). After removal, the place where the papilloma was, heals quickly enough, and in 2 weeks only memories will remain.

The most common methods of removalPapillomas are: frost, laser treatment. And laser therapy has the shortest recovery period. But to use chemical means is not necessary, since serious burns are possible, after which scars may remain, which is also unattractive. If they burn with nitrogen, then because of its superficial action, it can take many sessions until you achieve the desired effect.

So, if the papilloma has already become an uninvited guest,Then do not hesitate and go to the doctor. If so far everything is good, then do not neglect the simple, but effective measures to prevent this virus. Maintain your immunity: if necessary, take immunomodulators and multivitamin complexes. Observe hygiene, lead a discriminating sexual life, without neglecting the appropriate means of contraception.

Be healthy!

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