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Can I enlarge my breast without surgery?

How can you increase the mammary gland without resorting to surgery?

Enlarge the thoracic gland itself, i.e. Its tissue is impossible, but it can increase in size with a general increase in weight due to adipose tissue. In addition, you can visually increase the mammary gland, strengthening the muscles of the chest and improving posture, improve the tone of the skin of the chest. Here, perhaps, and everything that can be done with the mammary gland without plastic surgery.

Physical exercises as a way to improve the appearance of the breast

With strengthening of pectoral muscles slightly increasedThe volume of the chest, which creates the appearance of augmentation of the breast. If you do not forget the back muscles, then the effect will be good: an increase in the volume of the chest in combination with a straight posture, perfectly emphasizing the chest. You can train both in the gym and at home, there is no fundamental difference.

A set of exercises for the development of the muscles of the chest and back:

- Lie down on the sports bench, feet on the floor; Take in each hand a dumbbell weighing 1 kg, lift them up, then lower them to your chest, while diluting your elbows to the sides;
- Lie down on the bench on the stomach, legs stretched out, in each hand take a dumbbell weighing 1 kg, lower them down to the floor, then simultaneously raise your hands to the sides, leaving them straight;
- stand upright, feet shoulder-width apart,Bend forward, in one hand take a dumbbell weighing 2 kg; With your free hand, lean against the seat of the chair, lower the arm with the dumbbell to the floor, start slowly pulling your arm with weights to the chest, while pulling the elbow back;
- Lie down on the sports bench on your back, put your feet bent at the knees on the floor, take a dumbbell weighing 2 kg; Bend the arms slightly bent at the elbows back, behind the head;
- stand up straight, take a dumbbell weighing 2 kg, pull them forward with the palms up; Bend your arms in the elbows, pulling them to the shoulders, hands should remain in a horizontal position;
- stand upright, feet shoulder width apart, in arms take dumbbells 2 kg each, pull them forward at the chest level; Start doing the scissors exercise;
- in the standing position, lean your arms outstretched forward against the wall; Bending your elbows and spreading them in the sides, bend down as hard as possible, trying to reach the wall with your chest.

Each exercise should be repeated 5-6 times, doing better every other day, without straining, as too strong development of the muscles of the chest will look ugly.

Complete the complex with a gentle massage of the mammary glands, stroking them from the periphery to the center. After gymnastics and massage take a cool shower.

Technique of auto-suggestion

Our brain is a computer that controlsEvery cell of our body. We have not yet learned to correctly use the opportunities that are inherent in us since birth. But there are people who can do miracles: arbitrarily stop breathing and palpitation, treat diseases of internal organs, etc.

It is possible and increase any tissue,For example, breast tissue. To do this, before going to bed and in the morning immediately after sleep, you should mentally relax and imagine how warmly your hands and feet fill first, and then rushes to the breast. You feel how the breast gland is filled with warm blood, which carries with it additional nutrition and oxygen, as the breast increases in size due to the growth of new cells.

Such training for several months can increase the size of the breast.

And how do the female sex hormones act on the breast?

Breast from them can really grow. But the fact is that hormones stimulate the growth of any cells, including tumor cells, both benign and malignant. And you can not be sure that there are no such cells in your body, so it is better not to use hormones or use under the supervision of a doctor after a comprehensive examination.

Biologically active additives, creams, physiotherapy

Hardly BADs somehow affect the volume of the breast gland, only if they contain hormones, and their uncontrolled use is unsafe.

As for various cosmetic procedures,Offered in the salons, they all increase the tone of the skin of the breast, giving it a more beautiful shape. In the same direction, physioprocedures also work.

Tip: Strengthen self-confidence, because your attraction is probably not so much dependent on the size of the breast as you think.

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