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A few recommendations that will help you get pregnant quickly.

If to speak briefly, what would be the fantasy andPhysical training did not have partners, to conceive a child is best suited classics. In this article we will tell you all the necessary details in order to become pregnant in a short time.

Frequency and time of sex

Sexual life, of course, must be regular. But there are certain rules:

  • It is best to have sex in a day
  • The optimal time for conception is five days before ovulation and the day after it. For successful planning, you can even mark the favorable time in the calendar
  • Poses for conception of a child should be chosen such that they give pleasure to partners. If a woman does not feel any sensations, the pose is better to change
  • Do not hurry and treat sex as a banal procedure of reproduction. In this delicate matter, the emotional state of partners plays a very important role
  • Doctors do not recommend using various artificial lubricants, because they not only moisturize the vagina, but also destroy the sperm.

The best poses for conception

Everyone has at least superficialConcept of the laws of physics. Strangely enough, they extend to the process of conception of the child. When choosing a pose, one must be guided by gravity. It is in your best interest that the sperm stay as long as possible in the vagina, so it's better to refrain from posing when the woman is on top.

  1. Missionary. Doctors unanimously assert that the horizontal position is best for conception. In this position, spermatozoa easily enter the cervix. But it is worth considering that this method is suitable for couples who have no special features in the location of the genital organs.
  2. Knee-elbow. Apparently, it's not for nothing that all animals continue their genus precisely in this position. It seems that people also need to take an example from them. When a woman lies on her stomach or kneels, and the man is behind her, sperm not only directly enters the cervix, but does not flow out from there because of deep penetration. By the way, men are very fond of this pose, not only from considerations of conception, but also because of deep penetration and pleasure.
  3. The General. The peculiarity of this position is that the woman bends her legs and puts them on her shoulders to her partner. As in previous cases, the seminal fluid does not flow out of the vagina, but according to experts, this position is also pleasant because of the deep penetration and stimulation of the G.

If there are physiological characteristics

It happens that a woman has some deviations in the location of the genital organs, so the best pose for conception should be chosen with these features in mind:

  • Inflammation of the ovaries. In this case, the uterus is often slightly deflected to the side, so it is better to engage in sex on the side where it is turned.
  • To alleviate the sperm problem, a womanCan simply put a pillow under the buttocks and lift the bent at the knees. Some believe that right after sex you need to become a birch tree, but this is just an assumption. Pillows will be quite enough
  • When bending the uterus, the woman is best placed on her stomach.

In order to get pregnant, you can not have sex in a hot bath or bath. Naturally, before the process, it is strictly forbidden to drink alcohol or smoke.

Do not forget about emotions. After all, you do not just continue the race, and make love with your chosen one, so do not turn pleasure from sex into planned reproduction.

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