/ Why does a woman get fat after giving birth?

Why does a woman get fat after giving birth?

Indeed, full women are three times more than men. Of course, this fact leads to certain thoughts that the beautiful half of humanity is inevitably leading in relation to excess weight.

Naturally, the reason for this should be sought inStructure and natural features of the female body. Most likely, these reasons are due to the presence in women of certain sex hormones. Violation of the hormonal background inevitably leads to not the most pleasant consequences, the excess weight among these consequences occupies a leading position.

Scientists have proven that some female hormonesHave a certain liposynthetic effect. This action and promotes the accumulation of fat in the body of a woman. That's why women are more inclined to fullness than the stronger sex. Simply put, the hormonal status that helps a woman to be a woman (charming, tender, vulnerable, sensual), almost always dictates certain limitations, especially in this century of hypokinesia. More often, the fullness of women (in other things, as well as men) comes because of regular overeating. The only difference is that women suffer this much more often than men.

In pregnancy, often the female body experiences the stress of the endocrine system, which often leads to obesity.

So why does a woman get fat after giving birth? This happens because pregnancy inevitably leads to a change in metabolism. What is quite natural and understandable, because during the period of bearing a child the constancy of the internal environment can not be maintained. All these hormonal changes are necessary for the proper development of the fetus in the womb of the mother. Usually in a healthy woman after birth, the hormonal background is normalized. But rarely, in 5% of cases, unfortunately, postpartum obesity is observed. To determine in advance whom it can threaten, scientists have not yet succeeded, so it is not known why a woman will get fat after giving birth. But the fact remains that obesity often occurs not so much after birth, but after abortion (abortion). Keep this in mind if you decide to take this risky step.

After all, in our age of modern contraceptivesAn unwanted pregnancy can be avoided. But the consequences of abortion can be the most deplorable. One of the consequences: obesity, which is often accompanied by a full bouquet of all sorts of diseases.

Just think, among those who need helpYou have to go to a gynecologist-endocrinologist with frequent problems of menstrual cycle and infertility disorders, 30% of them are women who suffer from post-abortion obesity. There is a certain pattern: after adding 5-7 kg after the first abortion, after the second, the body weight will inevitably increase by 8-10 and so on ascending.

But what about those who have already gained hated extra pounds and what to do to get rid of them?

First, do not try yourself at all.To convince that a sharp substantial addition to weight immediately after pregnancy or in the first year after it will dissolve by itself. Inactivity in this case is an unacceptable luxury! As previously noted, an important role in the first stage of obesity is overeating. A sharp increase in appetite during pregnancy is a sign of changes in the hormonal background in the body of a woman. But this does not mean that you can not control it. Remember, success in the fight against obesity directly depends on the woman; From her strength of will, purposefulness and proper nutrition.

Undoubtedly, compliance with the diet will require youColossal efforts. And the positive outcome of it depends on how soon you realized that something is wrong in your body and immediately took action. Postpartum obesity in the first stage will not affect your health in any way. But when it decisively makes itself felt, it will be extremely difficult to fight against it .... Women may need a long-term, and in some cases, a lifelong diet. The main thing to observe a certain balance of nutrition, adhering to a certain ratio of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Do not think that you have to eat only milk, only meat or only vegetables and fruits - no. Naturally, the measure and balance are important.

Studies carried out in this field,Showed that with all the rules in the diet, it is possible to achieve a positive result in the fight against excess weight. Of course, today's woman does not have enough time to constantly keep tabs on each calorie eaten. But this is not demanded from you. You just need to gradually exclude from your diet bread, all kinds of sweets, pastries, smoked products, various pickles, and, believe me, the result will not be long in coming. Trying to use a minimum of animal fats, increasingly replacing them with plant. Complete fasting is not necessary. It is permissible, for example, once a week to arrange for yourself unloading days (choose the day when you will eat only apples, or, for example, drink kefir). In no case do not drive yourself to hungry fainting. Try to eat often (6-8 times a day), but in minimal portions, it can dull the appetite for an hour or two. Force yourself to give up dense dinners. Be sure to drink a glass of kefir before bedtime. Otherwise, hunger can prevent you from falling asleep, thereby tempting you to go to the refrigerator and eat all the supplies for the next week.

After about a month, you will notice that the weightGradually goes away. Then, perhaps, the process of weight loss will stop (for 2 months). But do not panic. This is all quite natural and natural. The first stage of weight loss is the release of excess accumulated fluid in adipose tissue. It will take time to completely restore metabolism. The most important thing is not to go astray and not return to the old way of life. After all, the more you lose kilograms in a short space, the higher the probability of recruiting them again and in a double mass.

It is not necessary to avoid physical exercise. Systematically engage in shaping (gymnastics, swimming). And then stable results are guaranteed to you.

Remember, success in the fight against excess weight depends solely on your determination and willpower.

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