/ How to Get Rid of Stress

How to get rid of stress

According to different scientists and psychologists to get rid ofFrom stress help travel, meditation, change of activities, walking in nature. It's amazing, but the coloring can give you all that! See for yourself and read these tips, how you can use coloring to make your life brighter, easier and more interesting.

So, what to do to get rid of stress and feel the joy of life again?

1. Recognize something new

Often, we fall into a stressful state, when inOur life does not change. Simply put, we are all bored and we have a lack of new knowledge, types, panoramas. To leave a stressful bog, it is necessary to give our brain new food for thought, new interesting facts about what is in the world. This will help coloring "Amazing buildings." Before you paint the pages of this amazing book, you can read about all these incredibly beautiful buildings, buildings, bridges and palaces, which are depicted on the turns. For example, do you know in whose honor a dancing house was built in Prague or for how many centuries is the "Tiger's Nest" monastery in Bhutan? Find it on the Internet, it's really interesting. We live in an amazing world.

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2. To be in interesting places

We live in an amazing world. And it would be great to visit all of its most beautiful places. Travel is an excellent therapy. With the coloring of "Amazing City" you seem to be on vacation. This large coloring includes the most beautiful cities in the world: Paris and Berlin, New York and London, Montreal and Toronto, Melbourne and Sydney, Tokyo and Singapore, Amsterdam and Bremen and many others. Landscapes, panoramas, views from above and the famous streets are just waiting for you to color them, give your style and revive them. Each image is signed so you know which city it is. Where do you prefer to go - to Piccadilly Circus or to the center of Rio de Janeiro?

3. To engage in environmental therapy

Remember your last stay in natureOr a walk in the forest. This pastime gives peace, brings thoughts into order, refreshes and gives courage for a long time. Do you want to rest from everything, get out of the concrete jungle and soak up sounds and types of nature? Then you need to ... coloring "The wind blows flowers"! On the pages of this book live amazing animals, birds, fish and insects. Intricate ornaments are intertwined with leaves, flowers and fruits. Ornate patterns and many small details create a wide scope for creativity and give an opportunity to try any color solutions. Coloring-antistress is a great way to relax and have a good time!

4. Have fun, fool around and laugh a lot

When a person is under stress, he does notTo laughter. But here the opposite principle operates - start to laugh and stress will recede. It is proved that laughter therapy helps to cure various diseases and it is easier to survive difficult times. With lifting of mood the coloring "Invasion of doodles" will perfectly consult. Each picture in it - a whole story with its characters, which comes to life when you paint it. And none of them is like the previous one. A huge number of details will allow you to plunge into the state of the flow and spend time enthusiastically, but will not get bored due to the variety of unusual stories and funny characters.

5. Meditate and meditate

To get rid of stress, anxiety andIrritation, you can meditate. Reflect on life. Ten-minute practice for each day will help you feel more at ease, confident and succeed in your affairs. In the philosophical coloring "For a year wiser" there is everything necessary for meditation - wise statements and pictures for coloring. Focus on the image and words, and then color the pages using colors that seem most appropriate. Relax. Go back to yourself. Have fun! Completion of this book is in your hands: give the pages color - and give ideas life!

6. Communicate with animals

Watching animals relaxes and is beautifulRelieves fatigue. If you have a pet or fish in the aquarium, you know it very well. For this, even there is a name - "animalotherapy". With the coloring "Untouched beauty" you can go on an exciting journey, where on your way there will be mysterious forests with huge trees, tall grass, beautiful wild animals and birds. You can immerse yourself in cold sea depths and swim with humpback whales. In your leisure hours, allow yourself to relax and focus only on coloring landscapes and animals from the pages of this book. Your reward will be harmony, attention, balance and inner peace.

Source - @jujus_colouring

7. To put on a pause vanity

Sometimes it is worth leaving the life puzzles andTo do creativity. When coloring, you allow your brain to relax and immerse yourself in the meditative process through repetitive movements. With a complex coloring "From point to point" is not necessary to be distracted by gadgets, so you can solve this creative puzzle correctly. Drawing lines in a digital sequence you get beautiful drawings, which you can then colorize. Follow simple instructions, connect hundreds of points and get stunning drawings. Coloring is large in size, non-standard format.
Creative inspiration and smiles to you!
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