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Sex of the child for the renewal of the blood of the parents: secrets, the principles of determining the sex by blood

Every future mother dreams of having her babyBorn healthy. And it does not matter at all whether this is a girl or a boy. However, some couples want to determine the gender of the baby even before giving birth. This can be done with the help of medical research, for example, ultrasound. But this procedure does not always make it possible to find out what is desired, since the fetus may be inconvenient for the doctor to turn or cover the genitals with a foot. In this case, you can try to calculate the sex of the child by updating the blood of the parents.

How do I find out the sex of a child by updating the blood?

There are quite a few ways in the world to defineSexual identity of the baby even in the early stages. Although not all of them are accurate, but young moms will be quite curious to try to find out who they are waiting for. Scientists have long proven that the human blood is renewed every few years. In girls, this phenomenon occurs 1 time in 3 years, and for men the period increases to 4 years. But it must also be taken into account that blood renewal happens after childbirth, surgery and donation. Usually this happens if a person loses more than a liter.
In theory, the sex of the fetus depends directly on whoseThe blood at the time of conception is more fresh. If my mother, then a girl will be born, and if daddy, then a boy. In order to find out, you need to make certain calculations. Already on them it will be possible to judge who should wait.

By the way, this method is good because it helpsMake a prediction before pregnancy. Although most people say that they do not care who is born. Using this method, you can facilitate the planning of the child, as it becomes clear at what time it is better to conceive in order to get the desired gender. Of course, do not completely rely on this method, because errors are possible.

The way to calculate the sex of a child by updating the blood of parents

As already mentioned above, in women and menThe liquid connective tissue is naturally renewed at different intervals. The girls have a period of 3 years, and the guys - 4 years. It is from this, in the first place, and should be repelled in order to satisfy their curiosity. Calculate the sex of the child on the update of blood for 2016 will not be difficult. Most important, take into account all the factors that seem significant.
So, for example, take the following figures. The age of the woman is 25 years, and the male is 27 years old. Let's divide the years of each person by a certain number (for girls by 3, for boys by 4). 25: 3 = 8.3. 27: 4 = 6.75. In this case, it turns out that a man is younger, because the number he obtained is smaller. This means that the couple will have a boy.
It is important to take into account the nuance that updating affectsLoss of blood during childbirth, during surgery, due to donation or transfusion. If this was the case in a person's life, then the countdown should begin from the moment it happened, and not from birth.

Is it possible to find out the sex of the child by updating the blood without the date of conception?

Not all people can name the exact date of conception,So the methods for determining the sex for which it is needed are not appropriate. In this situation, this method is suitable. It allows you to know the sex by updating the blood without the date of conception. In order to calculate, you only need to know the age of your parents, and also whether they had operations, births and transfusions in their life.

Although this method is not very highAccuracy, but simple and affordable for everyone. With the help of his mom and dad can at any time to give credit to who they will be born. And for greater accuracy, you can then go to ultrasound.
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