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Strokes from fever: which injections quickly help with temperature and what is a triplet

When a person has a fever, thisA sign of the struggle of the organism with an infection of various nature. It is believed that it is not necessary to shoot down to 38.5 degrees, but if these figures continue to grow, medical assistance to such a patient is still required, as the pressure on the vessels, heart, brain activity increases.

To cope with hyperthermia, you can call"An ambulance" or independently take an antipyretic drug. But there is a second, more effective way - the injection of a special mixture of medicines, which is called a triple. It starts to act after about 10 minutes and the effect of one dose lasts up to 8 hours.

What is a prick triplet?

This is the name of the injection, which contains specially selected medications of different action:
  • Analgin - has a pronounced antipyretic, analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect.
  • But-Shpa - effectively removes spasms, promotes relaxation of smooth muscles.
  • Dimedrol - has a calming and hypnotic effect, is a powerful antiallergic drug.
When combining these drugs, the doctor canSelect the analogs of the listed tools, but you should not do it yourself. So, Dimedrol can be replaced with Suprastin, Tavegil or Diazolin, and instead of No-shpa, Papaverin is often used.
Separately, these drugs do not give such aPowerful antipyretic effect, as in a properly selected combination. Such a lytic mixture quickly normalizes the thermoregulation of the body, relieves inflammation, prevents swelling of the tissues, reduces the load on the cardiovascular system, relieves the vasospasm.
Variants of the composition of a triple for an adult patient:
  1. For 1 ml of Analginum + No-Shpa + Dimedrol.
  2. 1 ml of Analginum + Papaverine + Dimedrol.
You need to make an injection in the upper outer areaButtocks, previously disinfected with alcohol hands and skin. If the temperature rises again within the next 2 hours, another identical injection is allowed. But next time you can chop only not earlier than 6 hours later. The duration of such therapy should not exceed two days, during this period it is necessary to consult a doctor to determine the cause of hyperthermia and further treatment should be directed to its elimination.

What are the strongest temperature shots?

The strongest against the highTemperature, which in minimum time helps to cope with fever and its other negative manifestations in adults and children, is the described lytic mixture. It can be purchased in the form of tablets, but if help is required as soon as possible, it is better to administer the drug intramuscularly.
Since the triad is quite strongMeans, it has its own contraindications and can cause side effects. Before using it, it is necessary to conduct an allergy test: 1 drop of the prepared mixture from the pipette to squeeze out the lower eyelid. If there is no irritation in the next few minutes, you can inject the injection intramuscularly.

Strokes from the temperature for children

Hyperthermia can occur not only in adults,But also in very young children. What to do in this case? The first and only right decision is to call "ambulance". Only an experienced doctor can correctly select the drugs and their proportions and dosage.
If in the near future there is no possibility of arrivalDoctor, it is better to give the child a child's antipyretic syrup. It gently affects the body and in most cases quickly helps to cope with the temperature. But if the infection in the body has a bacterial etiology, this method does not help - you will have to prick the injection.
Independently do it categorically notIt is recommended, but in critical situations, when the condition of the baby is very severe, you can make the drug solution yourself and insert it into the muscle. For this, the dosage of medicines is calculated according to the following scheme:
  1. 0.1 ml of Analgin is multiplied by age (number of years).
  2. Diphenhydramine is calculated individually: up to 1 year - 0.2 ml, 2-5 years - 0.5 ml, 6 years - 1.5 ml, at 12 years - 2.5 ml.
  3. Papaverine: 6 months-year - 0.1 ml, 1-2 years - 0.4 ml, after 2 years every year, increase the dosage by 0.1 ml. For children older than 14 years, take no more than 2 ml of the drug.
At the first opportunity, the child should be shown to the doctor.
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