/ / Nutrition of the nursing mother: in the first month, after the month, the table of nutrition, according to Komarovsky

Nutrition of nursing mother: in the first month, after a month, a table of nutrition, according to Komarovsky

Lactating mom on an apple diet

Breastfeeding is the most important condition,Guaranteeing harmonious growth of the baby: optimal parameters of intellectual, psychomotor and physical development, normal maturation of tissues and organs, immune system resistance to the effects of viral and microbial infections. The composition of breast milk does not differ by constancy, it varies during lactation depending on the volume of fat, protein, carbohydrate components entering the woman's body, so the nutrition of the nursing mother must be balanced, full and varied, and contain enough minerals, vitamins and fluids.

General principles of feeding a nursing mother

  • The total calorie content of the daily diet of the nursing mother should be 3300-3600 kcal;
  • Mandatory food in the nursing menuMom: Milk in any form (1 liter), fish / meat (150 grams), cheese (25-35 grams), cottage cheese (100-130 grams), butter (50 grams), chicken egg (1 piece), vegetables 450-550 grams), fruit (250-350 grams);
  • It is necessary to exclude from the menu spices, condiments, horseradish, garlic, onions - these food products give the unpleasant smell and taste to milk;
  • Breastfeeding mother should be minimizedSmoking, consumption of caffeine and spirits. Along with a lack of sleep, fatigue, postpartum depression, these factors worsen the taste of milk and cause intestinal disorders in the baby, sleep disturbance and anxiety;
  • In order to avoid the occurrence of allergies in the child, nursing mothers should minimize the consumption of canned food, smoked products, chocolate, citrus fruits, berries (strawberries, raspberries, strawberries);
  • Nursing mother is advisable to take food 30-40 minutes before feeding the baby, 5-6 times a day in small portions - this contributes to the production of milk.
Nursing mother and approved food

Nursing mother feeding in the first month

The first month in the life of a newbornResponsible, it is during this period that the foundation of the baby's health is laid for many years to come. Proper nutrition of the mother immediately after the birth of the child to the light contributes to the rapid adaptation of the enzyme system crumbs to new conditions, improves the indices of his mental, mental, physical development, at times reduces the risk of sudden death syndrome.

Mom breastfeeding in the kitchen

Allowed foods during lactation

  • Bananas, baked apples;
  • Porridge: barley, buckwheat, rice, oats, wheat, corn;
  • Fats: unrefined oils (olive, sunflower), butter (10-15 grams per day);
  • Lean soup, lean meat;
  • Liquid: compote of dried fruits, spring water, green tea, broth of wild rose;
  • Pasta in moderation;
  • Kefir, fermented baked milk, cottage cheese, eggs;
  • Bread with bran, dried fruits (prunes, dried apricots), biscuit biscuits;
  • Boiled fish of low-fat varieties, hard cheeses;
  • Boiled / stewed vegetables: zucchini, pumpkin, beets, carrots, cabbage.

Prohibited foods during lactation

  • Whole cow's milk;
  • Rich meat broth, sour cream;
  • Raw fruits and vegetables, excluding bananas and baked apples;
  • Bakery products made from the highest grade flour;
  • Coffee, black tea, alcohol.

Sample menu of nursing mother in the first month

Option 1

  • Breakfast: boiled beef, barley porridge, black bread, green tea;
  • The second breakfast: an extract of a dogrose, a biscuit biscuit;
  • Lunch: lean soup (buckwheat, water, potatoes, onions, carrots), rye bread, compote of dried fruits;
  • Afternoon tea: tea, banana;
  • Dinner: boiled rabbit, buckwheat porridge, black bread with butter, brier infusion;
  • Second supper: tea with fennel, dry apples.

Option 2

  • Breakfast: boiled chicken, barley porridge, black bread with butter, green tea;
  • Second breakfast: compote of dried fruits, baked apples (2-3 pieces);
  • Dinner: soup on water, broth of wild rose, boiled beef / cutlet steamed;
  • Afternoon snack: ripe banana, green tea, biscuit biscuits;
  • Dinner: wheat porridge, boiled rabbit, rye bread, loose tea;
  • The second dinner: the briar infusion, dry apples.

Option 3

  • Breakfast: oatmeal porridge, baked fish, rye bread with butter, briar infusion;
  • Second breakfast: green tea, biscuit biscuits;
  • Lunch: boiled egg, corn porridge without milk, boiled rabbit, compote of dried fruits;
  • Afternoon snack: banana, tea;
  • Dinner: boiled chicken, barley porridge, black bread, tea with fennel;
  • The second dinner: the briar infusion, dry apples.

Nursing mother by month

After the first month of a baby's life, restrictionsIt becomes less, which allows to significantly diversify the diet of the feeding mother, gradually including new products into it. The main thing is to closely monitor the reaction of the baby. If the baby has a local rash, diaper rash, itching and flaky skin, colic, profuse regurgitation, allergy-provoking product should be immediately excluded from the menu.

In the second or third month of lactation

Infant-milk consumption by the baby duringBreastfeeding gradually increases, reaching a level of 700-750 milliliters in 1-2 months, so a breastfeeding woman should include in the diet food that will ensure the intake of the necessary amount of proteins of animal origin, vitamins, carbohydrates and fats.

What a nursing mother can add to the diet: Raw fruits / vegetables by season, lean borscht, flavored with tomato juice, meat (veal, rabbit, chicken), nuts (excluding peanuts and pistachios), cherries from cherry, lingonberries, blueberries, currants; Sour cream, homemade jam (apple, cherry, plum).

That it is impossible to add a feeding mum to the diet: whole cow milk, spirits, black tea, raisins.

Sample menu after the month of breastfeeding

Option 1

  • Breakfast: baked with carrot cheese, boiled fish (pollock, cod), gray bread with butter, mineral water without gas;
  • Second breakfast: green tea, biscuit biscuit, boiled chicken egg;
  • Lunch: pumpkin porridge, lean soup (potatoes, onions, carrots), bread with bran, green tea;
  • Afternoon snack: banana, tea with fennel;
  • Dinner: boiled beef, stewed zucchini, black bread with butter, brier's infusion;
  • Second dinner: low-fat cottage cheese, dry apples, tea.

Option 2

  • Breakfast: boiled rabbit, rice, gray bread, compote of fresh fruit;
  • Second breakfast: compote of dried fruits, green baked apples (2-3 pieces);
  • Lunch: lean soup (onions, celery, potatoes, pasta), steamed beef cutlets, rye bread, loose black tea;
  • Afternoon snack: banana, mineral water without gas;
  • Dinner: buckwheat porridge on the water, bread with butter, boiled chicken, tea with fennel;
  • The second dinner: green tea, biscuit biscuits.

Option 3

  • Breakfast: baked potatoes, sprinkled with parsley; Gray bread, hard cheese, green tea;
  • Second breakfast: briar infusion, baked apples (2-3 pieces);
  • Dinner: beetroot (rice, beet, cauliflower, chicken meat, potatoes), boiled beef, bread with bran, compote of dried fruits;
  • Afternoon snack: banana, mineral water without gas;
  • Dinner: fish baked with cheese and onions, bread with butter, green tea;
  • The second dinner: rose hips, sandwich with cheese, biscuit biscuits, tea with homemade jam.

Mom's nutrition in the third or sixth month of breastfeeding

That the nursing mother can be added to the diet: honey, porridge (millet, pearl), fresh juices (beet, carrot, pumpkin, apple), dried spices, fresh onions.

That it is impossible to add a feeding mother to the ration: whole cow milk (home / shop), alcohol.

Sample menu

Option 1

  • Breakfast: braised cabbage, boiled rabbit, black bread with butter, green tea;
  • Second breakfast: tea with fennel, banana;
  • Lunch: beef meatballs with cheese, cucumbers, rye bread with butter, freshly squeezed apple juice;
  • Afternoon snack: a weak black tea, an orange, a biscuit biscuit;
  • Dinner: wheat porridge with apples, gray bread, rose hips;
  • The second dinner: grated carrots, a glass of yogurt, a biscuit biscuit.

Option 2

  • Breakfast: pasta in navy, green tea, gray bread with butter;
  • Second breakfast: tea with cumin, dry apples;
  • Lunch: compote of dried fruits, lazy vareniki, biscuit biscuits, bread and butter;
  • Afternoon snack: banana, dates, green tea;
  • Dinner: stewed beef, lettuce (greens, cucumber, cabbage), tea with lemon, black bread and butter;
  • Second dinner: biscuit (2 slices), fruit juice compote.

Option 3

  • Breakfast: boiled quail eggs (3-4 pieces), gray bread with butter, mineral water without gas;
  • Second breakfast: strawberries, green tea;
  • Lunch: boiled chicken, Bulgarian pepper, bread with bran, a glass of kefir;
  • Afternoon snack: compote of dried fruits, charlotte;
  • Dinner: sour cream, green tea;
  • Second supper: tea with fennel, oatmeal cookies.

Mom's nutrition from the sixth month of breastfeeding

What is allowed for a nursing mother to include in the diet:

  • Natural meat (rabbit meat, beef, chicken, veal);
  • Grains: buckwheat, oatmeal, rice, millet, corn;
  • Seafood, beans and kidney beans;
  • Boiled / braised fish, pasta;
  • Vegetables (baked, boiled, stewed), fruits for the season;
  • Quail eggs / chicken eggs, hard cheeses;
  • Sour-milk products: cottage cheese, fermented baked milk, kefir;
  • Gray / black bread, biscuit biscuits;
  • Green spices: basil, mint, parsley, dill;
  • Nuts, honey, garlic, onions;
  • Fruit drinks, herbal teas, rose hips infusion, green tea;
  • Distilled / spring water, table mineral waters.

What is forbidden to nursing mothers to include in the diet:

  • Canned products, chocolate, ice cream;
  • Confectionery products with flavorings and food additives;
  • Semolina, coffee, strong black tea;
  • Mayonnaise, processed cheese;
  • Sausages, sausages, meat semi-finished products;
  • Condensed milk, carbonated drinks, pickles, smoking;
  • Refined sugar, fast food, alcohol.

Sample menu

Option 1

  • Breakfast: cottage cheese with sour cream, green tea, biscuit biscuits;
  • Second breakfast: compote of apples, peaches;
  • Lunch: stewed chicken, salad "vitamin" (butter, greens, carrots, cabbage), bread and butter, loose black tea with jam;
  • Afternoon snack: banana, hazelnut, tea with fennel;
  • Dinner: stewed cabbage with meat, rose hips, bread and butter;
  • Second dinner: pineapple, green tea.

Option 2

  • Breakfast: gray bread, cabbage rolls, mineral water without gas;
  • Second breakfast: green tea, grapes;
  • Lunch: pasta with cheese, boiled beef, gray bread with butter, squash from cowberry;
  • Afternoon tea: mango, tea with fennel;
  • Dinner: pilaf, compote of dried fruits, black bread and butter;
  • The second dinner: blueberry juice, fruit salad.

Option 3

  • Breakfast: boiled beef, fresh tomato, cherry fruit juice, gray bread and butter;
  • The second breakfast: a glass of yogurt, a biscuit biscuit;
  • Lunch: chicken cutlet steamed, cucumber with sour cream, bread with bran, black tea with lemon;
  • Afternoon tea: green tea, cookies, banana;
  • Dinner: pancakes from courgettes, tea with fennel, black bread and butter;
  • The second dinner: compote of dried fruits, charlotte.

Feeding mother's feeding table



Can not


Meat / meat products

Beef, rabbit meat, lean pork, chicken, turkey meat

Canned meat, smoked / boiled sausages

Meat delicacies, sausages, sausages (no more than 2 times a week)

Fish / fish products

Perch, pike perch, pollock, hake, cod

Crab sticks, crabs, shrimps, crawfish, mackerel

Halibut, flounder, salted herring (once a week)

Bread / bakery products

Dried bread, bread with bran, rye, wheat, black


Biscuit, bun (twice a week)


Macaroni, buckwheat, oatmeal, rice, corn cereals

- -

Milk / dairy products

Fermented milk, kefir, natural yoghurt, curdled milk, cottage cheese, goat's milk, sour cream

Cream, whole cow milk, sour-milk products with fruit fillers


Edible fats

Refined oils: soybean, corn, sunflower, olive; butter

Cooking fats, mayonnaise

Cream margarine


- -

three times per week

Confectionery / sugar

Marshmallow, pastille, biscuit biscuit

Chocolate, cream cakes, cakes, strawberry jam, tropical fruits, citrus fruits



Pears, apples, bananas

Tropical fruits, raspberries, strawberries, citrus fruits, grapes

Plum, currant, cherry, cherry, peaches, apricots, melon


Carrots, pumpkins, cucumbers, beets, potatoes, cabbage (white / colored), zucchini, kohlrabi




Drinking water, natural juices, tea, fruit drinks

Carbonated drinks, alcohol, coffee, cocoa, beer, orange, tomato, grapes

Plum, cherry, peach, apricot juices

Komarovsky: Nursing mother feeding

A well-known pediatrician recommends that a nursing mother notExperiment with the health of the baby and completely eliminate from the diet potential allergens - citrus, chocolate, strawberries, coffee. All other products, even fatty, nursing moms are allowed, adjusting their admissible volume if necessary.

Mom's advice on nutrition from Dr. Komarovsky:

  • Avoid salty / sharp foods that canTo deteriorate the taste qualities of breast milk, and white cabbage, which adversely affects the work of the intestines of the baby, increasing gas production and provoking diarrhea;
  • Do not increase the fat content of milk, consciously consuming a large number of oil creams, pork, sour cream;
  • Animal fats better prefer vegetable (corn olive oil, sunflower oil);
  • The daily nutrition of the nursing mother must necessarily include fresh fruits and vegetables (400-500 grams per day);
  • Optimal drinks for a nursing mother: Juices (carrot, grape, apple), sweet green tea, compote of dried fruits (apples, dried apricots), melted / boiled cow milk with fat content no more than 2.5%, sour-milk products (yogurt, yogurt, fermented milk, yogurt).

Proper nutrition of a nursing mother is a guarantee of healthAnd full development of the child. It is necessary to take a responsible attitude to the menu for lactation - this will help to increase the duration of breastfeeding and reduce the likelihood of metabolic disorders due to inappropriate feeding of the baby, which are a risk factor for heart disease, obesity, hypertension, bronchial asthma and diabetes.

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