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Therapeutic properties of red currant

Red currant: a useful composition of berries

Red currant is very much appreciated since the 16th century forTheir healing properties. She was already considered a source of longevity and health, given to us by nature. Traditional healers still use the natural properties of currants. For example, knowing about the high content of currant pectin, they recommend its use to remove from the body of toxins and toxins. Folk doctors believe that it can prevent the onset of inflammatory processes, they use it to treat gastrointestinal diseases and to inhibit the formation of new growths in the body.

Red currant, its fruits contain mineralSalt, vitamins (P, C, A), pectin and tan elements, almost 4% of various acids and 10% of sugar. But, despite all this wealth, for example, the inclusion of vitamin C, it lags behind the black. But in the red currant the content of elements of iron, necessary for vessels, potassium - is higher. It (potassium) has a beneficial effect on the heart and removes excess moisture from the body. And the content of such a vitamin, like vitamin P, is also higher in the red currant. And in the red currant more vitamin A. Currant also contains a few vitamins B2 and B1, carotene and tannins.

According to the results of scientific research, the redCurrant still contains and coumarins with furokumarinami. Berries are valuable elements that have antitumor and analgesic properties. Kumarin is a natural substance considered to be a drug for reducing blood coagulability. Pectin in the currant contains about the same amount as can contain pharmaceutical products. Yoda in the red currant is about the same as in persimmon or feijoa.

Red currant is suitable for cookingA variety of dishes. It is often frozen and, of course, canned. Still from the currant brewed delicious jam and compotes, syrups, jellies, squeezed out juices from it, preparing soft and alcoholic drinks. It also suits for the preparation of morses, kvass, sauces, soups and salads.

The benefits and properties of currant red

The currant berries are characterized by valuable nutritious andMedicinal properties. For example, currant many times improves the work of the intestines, activates the removal of excess salts. It is an excellent anti-inflammatory drug, as well as hemostatic, choleretic, laxative and antipyretic. It, thanks to the high level of pectin, which helps to remove cholesterol, perfectly cleanses the human body.

For the treatment of the heart, blood vessels, healing fromAtherosclerosis fruits of red currants are used to make potions, without removing from the twigs. In the volume of two teaspoons they are steamed in a full glass of steep boiling water, then insist, cool and take an incomplete glass throughout the day before meals. It turns out quite tasty, aromatic and healthy drink.

Red currant: fruits

Just removed from the branches of the fruit of red currantAnd the products made from them are very useful. They increase appetite, improve the digestibility of animal protein, contribute to intestinal peristalsis. Currant fruits are good for allergies and as a laxative.

Collected fruit for a long time is not recommended. They will turn sour after 2 days, even if you keep them in the refrigerator. But frozen berries retain their useful properties for a very long time. An important condition for the use of berries is their full maturity and integrity.

Red currant: juice

From currant berries you can squeeze a beautiful juice. It has a restorative, refreshing, antipyretic properties. In the heat they can easily quench their thirst. It can help to relieve nausea, increase intestinal peristalsis, remove excess urine from the urine. Currant juice is an excellent anti-inflammatory, laxative, blood-restoring and choleretic. If you adhere to any diet, be sure to include currant juice in the diet.

You can drink juice with spasms and colic. He removes uric acid salts, which means he also relieves stones.

Fruits and currant juice stimulate the work of allGASTROINTESTINAL TRACT. And if you have a delicate problem with constipation, then most likely, you can help the following recipe. We take 3 table. Spoon currants, brewed a glass of boiled water, we insist hours 4, filter and drink 50 milliliters 4 times before meals, about 30 minutes.

Red currant: leaves

Like juice, and currant fruits, are usefulCurrant leaves. They also have healing properties. Using an infusion of leaves, you can solve a problem such as hypovitaminosis. One table. Spoonful of currant leaves pour 0, 5 stack. Water and minutes 15 warm up using a water bath. We drink this infusion 5 days for 13 glasses a day.

Since ancient times, the leaves are used and in treatmentCystitis. And can come and dried, and freshly picked leaves. We take about 50 grams of leaves, make a glass of steep boiling water, insist in a closed jar or thermos for 4 hours, strain and drink 5 times a day before meals.

The fact is interesting, that, not looking even on sourThe taste of the currant berries, its leaves are able to normalize the excessive acidity of the digestive juice found in the stomach. The recipe is that we take one liter of wine, preferably white, and fill it with fresh currant leaves in the amount of 50 grams. We insist on the leaves covered with wine for about two weeks, and the container should be stored in a darkened place at an average temperature. This tincture is recommended for taking half an hour before meals at 50 grams.

Currant is an excellent diuretic. You need to take about 20 grams of currant leaves, steal them with a glass of boiling water, then insist and completely cool. This tincture is recommended to take three times a day (2 tablespoons each).

Red currant: use and contraindications

Despite the usefulness of currant berries,Juice and leaves, there are contraindications to its application. The main contraindication is gastric and duodenal ulcer diseases, hepatitis, gastritis, poor blood coagulability and hemophilia.

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