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Useful properties of jam

"Raspberry jam".

The most, probably, useful jam, from allKnown species - crimson. This is completely unsurprising. Raspberry itself is an excellent remedy for relieving colds and relieving symptoms of flu. Raspberries help reduce heat, reduce fever, it is useful in diseases of the throat. You caught a cold - drink a cup of tea with raspberry jam, cover with a warm blanket and try to sweat. The body temperature will surely return to normal.

According to some doctors, raspberry jam"The most useful" and "valuable", because it contains the same elements as in the acetylsalicylic acid form. But at the same time they add that the jam, from whatever it is cooked, is "pleasure", and only then is it useful. When exposed to heat, vitamin C has the property of breaking down by almost 80 percent. The most sparing option - jam - "five-minute". When preparing this kind of jam, vitamins are destroyed much more slowly and less.

If you want to save useful and medicinalProperties of jam, or rather a maximum of them, boil it in several stages. First we keep the jam on the fire 5 minutes after it boiled, then turn off, leave for a while.

A very important feature of raspberries is availabilityA lot of ellagic acid. This acid prevents the reproduction of malignant cells. And it is able to neutralize the negative impact on the human body of products that have been subjected to roasting and smoking. Jam from raspberries preserves this acid almost in full.

In raspberry there are substances similar in properties toUsual aspirin. As you know, aspirin can help with colds and ARI, knocking down the temperature, thinning the blood. This is a very important property, especially for those who have a high degree of coagulation. Thus, the risk of stroke is reduced.

«The Kalinovyj jam».

The palm of primacy raspberry jam yieldsJam from the viburnum. It is less common, but also very useful and tasty. The only minus of such jam is bones, which are not liked by all. But this problem is easy to solve. Those who do not like bones, can simply rub the bilberry berries through a strainer, and get a great jam!

Of course, this is a more laborious option thanThe preparation of ordinary jam, but the benefit that the viburnum will bring is worth the effort. Like raspberries, viburnum is an excellent assistant in ARI and colds. It can be combined with honey. As soon as the first signs of a cold appear, you just need to drink a cup of tea with honey and kalina, which is a very effective remedy: a cold can retreat. I must say, viburnum is a very useful product for the skin. Kalinovye berries help to remove inflammation, it can and should be taken by those whose skin suffers from acne or other inflammation.

Currant (black and red), sea buckthorn, apples.

The greatest amount of useful elements and vitamins after heat treatment remains in the currant (both in black and red), and even in sea-buckthorn berries and apples.

"Rowan jam".

Surprisingly, the mountain ash covered the carrots byThe content of carotene! Vitamin C in the mountain ash is more than contain apples. According to the number of phosphorus compounds, rowan can compete with expensive varieties of fish. And bactericidal rowanberry properties are very popular: in rowan bunches there are quite a lot of tannic elements and sorbic acid.

Jam "Blueberry".

Blueberries are very useful for the eyes - it's a long timeKnown fact. Blueberries and its beneficial properties are far from completely investigated by physicians. Although contrary to the facts go stupid: blueberries are very useful to those who are forced to constantly strain their eyesight. The English during II World War I gave jam of blueberry berries to pilots before departures into the night.

Jam "Cherry".

Jam, in which the least amount of calories -Cherry. But there are a lot of benefits from it. Cherry can increase the hemoglobin level, saturate the blood with iron, cobalt and copper compounds. Elements that are contained in cherry berries can help reduce the level of sugar and bad cholesterol in the blood. Cherry berries, well ripened and taken a lot of warm sun, become excellent pantries of folic acid, vitamin B9, which are needed to maintain the circulatory system and the immune system is normal.

"These very different jams ...".

Jam from berries cranberries is recommended for exacerbations of tuberculosis.

The fruits of quince are advised for the treatment of blood vessels, heart, thyroid.

Dogwood jam helps with colds, ARI, intestinal and stomach disorders. It can be used for urolithiasis.

Nuts perfectly affect the heart and itsWork, they normalize the flow and distribution of blood. They are recommended for diseases of the thyroid gland and as a prophylactic for atherosclerotic lesions.

Berries of hawthorn are an excellent remedy for gastric disorders and poisonings.

Cranberry fruits contain many elements of tannin, they sorb the pathogenic microflora and remove toxins outwards.

The fruits of barberry help with beriberi, fever and inflammation of various etiologies.

Sea-buckthorn jam can be used as aNatural biostimulant. This jam has properties to improve the digestive activity of the digestive tract, reduce hepatic dystrophy with exacerbation of hepatitis, lower the cholesterol level.

Jam and caloric content.

Of course, those who follow the harmony of their body, jam is not worth it because of high calorie. Just a teaspoon of jam contains calories, like a chocolate candy.


Plum contains 281 calories;

Mandarin contains 278 kcal;

From ashberry ash - 246 kcal;

Of the fruits of peach - 248 kcal;

Of raspberry berries - 275 kcal;

Of the pears - 271 kcal;

From berries of strawberries - 271 kcal;

Of quince - 263 kcal;

From the black currant - 265 kcal;

Of the fruits of apricot - 265 kcal;

Of apples - 254 kcal.

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